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  1. Road_Runner

    Arkansas......October...20th - 22nd

    Maybe and maybe +1?
  2. Road_Runner

    RPM Aug 25/26

    HBD belated Jeff.
  3. Road_Runner

    RPM Aug 25/26

    I started out by paying to get them changed and then latter had a second set of wheels so it wasn't that bad. On the other hand I like your plan better and that's basicly my plan as well.
  4. Road_Runner

    RPM Aug 25/26

    I stil would sell you my race rain's for 100 bucks. I would be willing to bring them to you ; but not sure what evening i can do it as Kishka has a torn ACL and needs surgery. Like I told you but last year so you may not rember my wet track days are over. The tires are a bit old but i bet they sill have relativly excellent grip. Besides I could use the money.
  5. Road_Runner


    Looked like it - road was blocked and a trackhoe was parked half in the road.
  6. Road_Runner


    Part of Wildhorse Creek road is closed-at least for today.
  7. Road_Runner

    Self-Healing Paint

  8. I like Q3's on the rear for street. Maybe 1200-1700 miles Same 800-1200 on SP rear.
  9. Road_Runner

    Road America August 11/12 - Who wants to go?

    I'm sure you realize that's kinda funny. you know with your help I could weather watch until I'm done.
  10. Road_Runner


    I think I have had a few for almost as long . its ok things change and eventually we all go through the same. no disrespect I know your a similar age and know what I know. on the other hand I feel the need to tell myself this stuff because I'm a slow Lerner. Over and over. in other wordsglad you sold what you wanted to sell.
  11. Road_Runner

    Chassis fabrication

    Neat clean work spaces kinda depress me -. When I look at mine.
  12. Road_Runner


    Welcome - I'm nuts too when I can be.
  13. Road_Runner

    Stlar Meeting!

    I'm going to try _+1 or maybe just send +1?
  14. Road_Runner

    Road America August 11/12 - Who wants to go?

    Money and health still not quiet there. its going to need to remain on the bucket list for now.