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  1. Sorry didn't think many watched on this Forum. pretty cool though -hasn't happend for a long time!
  2. All red front row tomorrow in F1
  3. Some don't like to mix-i mix most of the time.
  4. Welcome I am a fan of breaking all kinds of laws on the back roads and risking my life. not sure I have ever been on a ride that's otherwise.
  5. Good stuff!
  6. I hear all that your saying people first of I never said thicker then recomended i have had and have three vehicles over two hundred K and one gas engine to 500 K - rember I'm RR still say don't care what anyone else says (if you use the thick end of what's called for and you warm up before driving - like I do 95% of the time - your ride will live longer. i also hear what you guys are saying about multi grade viscosity and I'm clear on your points. I took part as a lurker on a dodge diesel forum about 5 years ago in about a 50 page debate on the subject. One thing that I was not aware of and still not sure about is this- 10-40 is not 4 times less viscous hot then cold so 5-40 May never be as thick as 10-40 even at 100 whatever-anyway that's something I took away from that ridiculous long debate but never fully confident about the many arguments both then and now.
  7. I would think in general the thicker oil the better for long engine life. I use yamaha full synthetic 15-50 just like the book calls for. ps my understanding is the first number is the better indicator of Overall oil viscosity.
  8. I should probably change my oil.
  9. Lol
  10. The Autobahn (full track )is still my top track experience !
  11. I would camp unless I don't have time or money to get the camper lights fixed and current registration on the thing.
  12. A chance