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  1. Nope it's how after fourty years I found my safe way to go fast(see the turn)' remember I have been at this a while and am still around.
  2. So it gets deleted?
  3. So my post was somehow unacceptable again?
  4. Hbd
  5. Nope I did my time already
  6. Mark had some miles on him when he said that I think.
  7. That was kinda fun and I didn't even go.
  8. Fun is good somtimes hard is better.
  9. I like space stuff
  10. Not bad
  11. Math is one of man kinds best ways of representing truth but it is possible to go beyond math since even math is from man.
  12. It's national donut day
  13. Please not a hardly
  14. I here you Todd I can't match your track pace for sure but I could pull of 1-3 A group laps by experience but it's just not fun for me to work that hard and then hot pit to catch my breath. I guess that's why I lean towards back roads-(and money)I have so much experience my brain can make up for my body. I still like track but the constant accelerate and brake thing is a check my body can't cash.