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  1. Road_Runner

    Happy Birthday

    PaPa Mike
  2. Road_Runner

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    I rember a few things happening about two pm but no real action until about 4 pm but at this point its just a guess.
  3. Road_Runner

    2004 SV650 Track Day Package Deal

    I was thinking about hanging out at the track(with fellow riders) working on my BBQ and Beer skilles do my deteriorating body. GLWS!
  4. Road_Runner

    True story

    That was excellent from start to finish.
  5. Road_Runner

    10 day trip ideas?

    World is a big place 'glad you are able to check it out.
  6. Road_Runner

    10 day trip ideas?

    Sleeping bag and sheep skin seat -RTS.
  7. Road_Runner

    Sunday 7/15

    Those generac generators are pretty cool! I can't afford one but if you install one we can all stay at your place and talk politics if the rest of us lose power
  8. Road_Runner

    Sunday 7/15

    There aint any two people that are the same on a given day on a given road. Dont worry about it. Enjoy the day be safe Dave has road with any and every pace and is cool with all of them!
  9. Road_Runner


    Just to clarify the Sc2' i use has groves and is street legal. I do sometimes finish using them up on the street but yes like yzf said - (in my words) you gota be wise about warming them up.
  10. Road_Runner


    I run pirellie SC SP V2 on the front and Q3 on the rear for the back roads. This is a bit of overkill for the steet for me. I run pirellie SC2 with tire warmers on the track. This is a bit of overkill for me on the track. I have run back roads for almost 40 years and track for 12 and there is a reason like tires that are better then me!
  11. Road_Runner

    Harley vs. BMW GS at Thunderhill

    So it is about the rider - to a point. This reminds me chris on his Hardly throwing sparks at me all over Arkansans.
  12. Road_Runner

    2016 ZX10R for sale (again)....

    Who Paul --- he goes more hare like to the bar then most of us race.
  13. Road_Runner

    I wrecked

    Ya my first car a 1967 Mustang cost me 600.
  14. Road_Runner

    Eminence mo SATURDAY 6 30 18

    Have fun ED my bike needs a little service but I hope to join you soon
  15. Road_Runner

    2016 ZX10R for sale (again)....

    True you did not say he did not earn the right. On the other hand i did not intend to say that you said he did not have the right. But seriously i expect he did more then either us ever will for STLAR.