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  1. I am happy to see your post . I went to college in Arizona and it reminds me of good memories. I have been semi retired and traveling never mind my many medical problems I miss you guys. I live in Nevada Missouri and Florida Kathy follows me some of the time but I still want to ride with you guys!
  2. Another Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. Talking and walking the talk👍🏻
  4. U guys have fun I’ll be doing a shorter ride with Kathy today🙂
  5. Yes it was thank you ! Been a while I’m glad I didn’t get lost😊
  6. May head for Bixby Monday the 25th if anyone wants to get in one more before it snows? Departing from St. Peter’s or Chesterfield depending if anyone joins me. I have not decided on a time yet but it will need to be at least 40 before I role.
  7. Kathy is out of town and i'm watching the dog + a few other duties.
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