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  1. A bit late, but I’ve added a Z125 to my stable and the wife has a SSR Razkull.
  2. I have a little custom exhaust project going. I need some stock Z1000 or Ninja 1000 mufflers. If anyone has some or knows of someone that might, let me know. Thanks!
  3. I took nearly the exact route home yesterday! Hit 1000 miles in the process and finally put the screws to the Z.
  4. I am a little curious about what it’s like. Only ridden it down the street so far.
  5. Got a Razkull for the wife to learn on. It’s a cool looking little bike. Tiny Ducati Monster rip-off. Carb though.
  6. Comments will be tossed in a bag and a winner will be randomly drawn. Thanks for the info!
  7. I pay too much. $720/year Someone on another forum suggested Dairyland. Their quote is much cheaper with better coverage (on paper). Anyone have suggestions or experience with these or other companies that would help?
  8. Sure am. Off until the 2nd though!
  9. I’m back on the street with a shiny Z900, no, not the RS. Sorry. I think the last time I rode with you guys was back in 2010ish. Z1000 back then. Looking forward to springtime already!
  10. I'm too poor for power accessories, aluminum wheels and 4x4?
  11. Painting my wheels and some other small parts. I've stretched this out for a couple weeks already.
  12. I really need to finish painting my wheels and get my Q2s on.
  13. Sorry to hear about this. Best wishes for him and his fam.
  14. Those orange 03's are the sexiest! Chrissie, keep in mind that 03-06 Z1000s have more than the normal amount of vibrations. This may be a positive, or negative depending on your preference. Hehee.
  15. '07 Kawasaki Z1000 Mostly Stock: Mostly Awesome:
  16. I'm guessing the full tune includes a printout, how many runs does it usually take to tune?
  17. I would get one of these! ... just sayin'. The 07s are black and they're super cheap for a liter bike. Dead sexy too!
  18. This is really sad to hear. I wish him and his family the best. I grew up around Potosi so I know that stretch of P very well. It's tricky to stay focused through there even if you're expecting it.
  19. Glad I finally made my first one. Next goal, show up on time.
  20. Why did I get suckered into non-riding plans! Stupid!
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