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    Looking now, have had various Honda, Kaw & Suzuki dirt bikes & Kaw 350 & 500 triples, GPZ550, Yamaha 750 triple, BSA 650 Lightning, GS1100
  1. HungOut88

    Shinko vs Tomahawk

    I agree with Doug, man we used retreads on our b-52s and they have 10 tires, when 1 let go you knew it. If ya can't afford the best for the only two patches of real estate holding you in contact with good ol mother earth (during normal riding; not how Ed the Caveman does it) then you have a death wish! You never know what's going to happen out there, ride like you mean it. Survive that is, park it till you have the green to do it right. Or you could sell it and get a 250 Ninja, it'll still og over 80.
  2. HungOut88

    CVPS has officially lost a customer

    Not like the bicycle chains you put on! Ha! You think they make one strong enough for my weight?
  3. HungOut88

    lets hear those storys

    Bad stuff those wasps, I've only had bees attack me, but the halmet, leathers and Levis saved me. Must have ran thru a swarm and didn't see them.
  4. HungOut88

    Hit with soda

    Least ya didn't soil your britches! He did clean up nice for work the next day!
  5. HungOut88

    Just my luck

    Unless you have an out of box delayed failure! Best of luck as you need it! Safe trip home! Frank
  6. HungOut88

    Yammie comparison

    Any Suzuki or if he really want's poor future resale value a Buell would be fun! :biggrin:
  7. HungOut88


    Congrats! Help out mama when you can. Now comes the fun part getting thru till he's three! After that it's great till he's a teenager and then after 20 or so it's smooth sailing! Remember to go with your gut feelings! You're in for a great times ahead! Frank
  8. HungOut88

    Quality Gear

    Glad to hear you're OK, pitch the helmet and get a new one!
  9. I'll try to be there. Post more details when you can. Where is the little girl now? Put this guy away! :mad: Frank
  10. HungOut88

    kinda scary part 2

    Good luck and heal quickly, but take it easy and don't push it, work carefully with your physical therapist. I work for SSM and can let you know where to go. In a nice way. Frank
  11. HungOut88


    That's good PR , what company was it?