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  1. Had a blast!!! Glad we got out tonight!!
  2. Can anyone bring buckets or baskets for raffle tickets?? I don't know how many I can get from Hot Shots...
  3. Okay...so what I am planning is the smaller items are going to be $1 each (t-shirts, smaller gift cards). The rest are going to be $5 each. I am going to do Chinese Raffles so they can put their tickets in the bucket for the item they want. So if they want to go in on 5 different items, that is a $5 ticket for each item... ($5 each, 5 for $20, 100 for arm span-just counted about 30 for me) Then Silent Raffle for cool stuff. I have 2 liquor baskets, beer basket, wine basket, Scentsy basket (if the lady that made it can get it to me today), and other stuff. I won't really know what I have until I get there and where I am going to put it.
  4. I will be there with my sister and one of Kirk's friends at 4. I am printing out flyers for all the items this morning. Hopefully we will have buckets we can use from Hot Shots... There will be a lot of "winging it" tonight! Can't wait to see you guys!!!!
  5. For those of you that have items at your house for the fundraiser, can you email me (ejuliano85@gmail.com) or PM me with what you have?????? I have a spreadsheet that is seriously out of date. I want to try to have printouts of the items and designate them as silent auction, Chinese Auction or raffle. Also please provide names (real preferred, not screen names) so I can give credit where it is due????
  6. Oh...and Michelle is going to try to make it!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well, I didn't even think about an MC. I was probably going to just stand on a chair and yell... Amy sent me a message with a couple thoughts and some of the posts in here gave me a few things to think about that I didn't before. I have been in contact with the general manager. He only works at the Edwardsville location from 10-12. I am going to try to call him tomorrow and find out who is going to be the manager during the fundraiser and get with them to work out some of the details. An MC...with a microphone. I will see what I can do. For the "more awesome" items, I will put them as silent auction. Some of the smaller things, put them as general raffle items. The larger items, do a Chinese Auction. I am going to see if we can get buckets from Hot Shots. For the items that people want, they put their raffle tickets in the bucket and you pick one of the tickets for the winner. Those tickets will be $5 each. Small raffle items, $1 each. I figured we could also do 50/50, but not really sure on that yet...that is more of just "give me some extra money" because they "normally" give it back. I am planning on being there at 5 to set up, pending management. I did start a new job today, so I am busy with that and getting other things organized in my life. I know that Galen hooked us up with the Boeing stuff, Brandi the laptop, and other cool stuff. One of Kirk's old co-workers is putting together a lottery basket with $300 worth of lottery tickets. The best man from the wedding is doing a booze basket. One thing that I really tried to make time for was restaurant gift cards. I was able to go to a couple different places last time and get some for $20 here and $20 there. Is anyone willing to try their luck? I will try a couple places on this side of the river when I can. Mike (02 Magna) is trying to get some stuff from Bobby's. I just wanted to have some non-motorcycle stuff for Kirk's co-workers and high school friends (hopefully Kirk's friend was able to reach out), and some of Michelle's co-workers. I just want to thank everyone for your help with donations and trying to help me out. This month has been absolutely crazy and you guys have been great!
  8. Too bad these guys couldn't give me a ride...livin it up in Vegas!
  9. I will not be at the meeting, I'll be in Vegas!! Maybe we can try to find somewhere to meet in between before the fundraiser. I looks like Hot Shots in Edwardsville is giving us a section, also posting the flyers I am getting made all over the restaurant. They are also going to give us some gift cards. The flyer will be available soon to start posting and passing out! I know most of you are on the MO side, but this is much easier for me (my life is a little crazy right now). Hope you guys can still attend.
  10. Items non motorcycle related would be accepted as hopefully some of his friends and coworkers will attend.
  11. So far... 3 Track Days with MCRA Track weekend with Midwest Track Day Pirelli Race Tires Vintage leather racing suit Leather riding pants Missouri CCW class T-Shirts Dell E6500 Laptop GoPro HD Motorsports Hero Scentsy Basket free weekend package with MTD or 16 x 20 print if the rider is with the MCRA Headlight Guard with Veilsheild treatment (2) Globemaster Gift baskets (Boeing) STLAR Skyline frame Avon Basket It Works! Basket Unknown from David Wisdom Lottery Tree Bucket O Booze
  12. Well, if the donations get close to $20k, I'll bump it up another $5k! That is what I keep having to do. I mean, seriously?! This is so crazy how much we have raised for them. I am in utter shock!!! I am trying to get donation items non-motorcycle related for Kirk's friends in St Louis I am going to invite as well. I have also talked to an Army guy in St Louis that wants to attend the event and some of my co-workers are willing to donate items or come to the event as well.
  13. What is the model? Maybe I can order a new CAPS key for it...Or find one on a laptop we are turning in at work. Maybe PM me a pic??
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