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  1. Congrats! My 9 week old says congrats too.
  2. Not right now, I'm at work. My wife has him now. Born 1/13/11 - 7lb 12 oz. He's almost 12lbs now. http://i.imgur.com/RWrEU.jpg
  3. Bike got sold. Couldn't find one I liked enough to buy. Had a kid. Bike is a bit on hold, at least until I'm getting enough sleep to be safe on it. Google "Kidofspeed hoax", it's a fake.
  4. Nifty story, but it's fake. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elena_Filatova
  5. Don't know if you still need one, but I have a Pitbull rear stand with spool or no spool options. $50 and it's yours. PM me for my number.
  6. You know they opened a new Mattingly's off 370 and Truman? It's where the old "thursdays" used to be. Nicer location, better parking, cleaner inside.
  7. I'll work on the pictures. I'm in Florissant.
  8. I got pulled over by a cop heading down town on 70 right by airport rd. I was doing >85 in a 65, I knew it but still pulled over. Cop walked up and said "got insurance" me:"yep" him:"ok, just wanted to see if you'd run and you have insurance"
  9. Yep. Still got it, and it's still for sale.
  10. Left side, plastic break: Uploaded with ImageShack.us And for refrence, the right side: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. *SOLD* SOLD * SOLD* 07 750, black and grey * ~14k miles. * A set of pilot power CT2s with about 500 miles on them. * Wood craft sliders. * 16tooth(-1) front sprocket. * Oil changed every 3k or less with full synth. * solo seat cowl and rear seat. * Comes with saddle bags and joe rocket atomic mesh jacket(size L). Cortech by Tour Master Cortech Saddlebags :: New Enough * The body isn't perfect. The left plastic cracked from where the I drilled a hole to fit the slider. I bought it "used" with 22miles on it. Only reason I'm considering selling it because my neck is messed up to the point of riding is sorta out for now. PM me with any questions *SOLD* SOLD * SOLD*
  12. Mitchell


    Hope you're feeling better!
  13. Wow, just wow. At least he knows he's a squid.
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