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  1. Me Either!... so I look forward to hearing the story.
  2. Can you answer this? Do you have the electronic suspension?
  3. AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD not chords! yay😎
  4. Probably see you down there... but I'll be going a little slower... have fun
  5. Yep got my first scratch on the FJR... I have no idea how to "improve it".
  6. Lunch in Hernann... sorry to miss this.
  7. Have fun... were out of town. you guys are awesome for doing this.
  8. Ahhh I guess this is finally dead!
  9. I had a blast but definately gonna "pay" for it today.
  10. Yes Khaled thanks so much... I had a great time... now I need a salad and massage therapy.
  11. Hanging out at Paneras across 44
  12. I'll give this a shot, may head home early but too nice a day to pass up.
  13. no gravel... just some rough road for a while ... take the first paved left after the green EBO sign... the vid shows me taking a right at the start because I blew past the turn the first time. https://youtu.be/H_6_3qcTVvI
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