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  1. There is a large FaceBook group that some of us know many people who are members. They are active riders and have recently interacted on rides and in other ways. It's important right now that we are somewhat sensitive to their situation as they did lose one of their members yesterday near 94 and Terry Road. So this is just a friendly reminder that this is going on in the social media arena, and could find it's way here. If that should happen I know that everyone here will be respectful of the situation in stating their opinions. thanks!
  2. I thought you were gonna say I'm on a Busa... I don't have to wait.
  3. Key fob is standard on the Concours-14 since 2008. I don't know what else it's on.
  4. Channel 5 America's cup ... USA getting it's ass kicked. AGAIN!
  5. Well I'll not be heading up to Y anytime again soon.
  6. Hey. When you guys came back from Hermann did you take 19 up to Y. Sadly yesterday it appears to have been recently chip and sealed with grit all over the lanes. Pretty sketchy to ride. I was riding behind someone and when I got home my jacket and shirt were filled with grit and pebbles.
  7. Kennnnayyyy! Can't wait for you bring that Ape of yours out on a ride. Thanks for coming on board ... Welcome.
  8. It's a little lame but still fun to read... 5 and 2 are my favorites.
  9. Yesterday was such an awesome day.. Everybody out riding, doing their own thing, and to my knowledge, no significant mishaps... (other than Cho's behind.) See there St. Louis, it can be done. I was out on my own ride but knowing that bunches of my friends and cohorts from forums and Facebook were all out really made my day. Yeah I got chores today but there is still MOTO-GP to catch up on and maybe a little cruse up the River Road later, but this has got to have been one of the EPIC motorcycle week-ends of all time in St. Louis. Thank you all for helping make it that way. //dog
  10. That's cause you are spelling it wrong.
  11. His Twitter feed is pretty cool... way better than POTUS.
  12. The first ride I was on ... I got lost... Ask SprintST... I was so far behind that they kept sending people back to check on me... Sadly I chose a 500 mile ride through Eminence as my first ride... but all anyone kept saying to me was "Are you having a good time?" Almost 9 years ago.
  13. I thought that said "LAUNCH" with Mike... I watched it 3 times before I figured out the difference.