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  1. New Guy

    Wow.... you finally got in! Awesome.... Thanks for being persistent. Welcome!!!
  2. Welcome... hopefully the weather is going to break our way soon.
  3. MotoGP 2018

    That whole thing was just bizarre.
  4. My first Kawi!

    Saw it on FB but congrats again. Can't wait for decent weather so we can get out. Had the FJR for 5 weeks and Bern out once.

  6. S1000RR color adjustment

    I never thought of doing matte... that would be cool...
  7. S1000RR color adjustment

    I like the all black option. I've seen a couple of them round here.. they look good.
  8. July 19-2009

    Sometimes I just like to read old ride threads and see if we've really learned anything in all these years.
  9. Need your opinion on Mac books

    I know nothing about Macs sorry.
  10. Texas bound.

    Good luck Jeremiah!
  11. HBD

    Happy birthday Evan.. sorry I missed it...I don't check stuff like I used to.
  12. Is it dead yet?

    So I went and checked this stuff and there wasn't anything in my FB info that I didn't know was there. There were 3 friend request that I had made that I didn't know I had made... but I sorta kinda knew the people... probably a "fat finger" on my phone cause I've done that before when I knew about it. I didn't see any of my "google" information but I don't make "google calls" I do use "Google Hangouts" formerly "Google Talk" every day and saw no mention of any of that. My "Contact Info" page had my profile picture and my public name "Galen Dogpark" on it. Nothing surprising, no personal info I didn't know was there. There was a list of "Applications" but they don't really look like apps, I think they are websites that i have visited from inside FB with their internal browser... Not really anything I would care if anyone knew. Certainly none of my personal logins for other sites or apps. No banking info even though I have apps for that on my phone. No private email... yes messages I have sent to other FB users and messages they have sent to me, but I hope I know better than to put private info in anything not encrypted with a key. The first link to a Dylan McKay tweet talks about a call history... I have no such info in my list of info and IDK if I put a lot of stock in a tweet (well anything on twitter) by a fictional character from the TV show "Beverly Hills 90210". When you look at the the LinkedIn page of the account on twitter the person behind it has as their job history two internships at small New Zealand software companies and in 2016 was a "Crew Trainer" at a McDonalds. I'm not saying you shouldn't be careful online... and I'm not really defending any of the big Software Companies MSFT, Oracle, FB, Twitter etc, The potential is always there for abuse but I don't think I'll stop using Facebook anytime soon... I wish I had the option to opt of using credit reporting services like Trans America and Equifax but I don't. With Facebook, I control the info they get from me ... I still think the jury is out on them.
  13. Is it dead yet?

    I posted this to Facebook.
  14. Is it dead yet?

    That is so NOT YOU!... but old timers know.