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  1. it's not going anywhere until Spring.
  2. Fancy! All my furniture is hand me downs. But that looks nice.
  3. Well... I don't think anyone is going to return to the Forum style interaction with FB around... but the Facebook page could benefit with some revamping and activity too. Other groups seem to have a good amount of FB activity. I've been told it's due to "secret rides" but yeah ... no one wants to deal with crashes and the BS caused by a few. Really www.stlar.com should just be a redirect to the FB page.
  4. Thanks' my butt is not quite so sore now.
  5. Just the post about 2011 with the gas prices in the picture ended up with Biden bashing and how Trump wouldn't have let it happen.... and so forth ... the other day the guy with the "death" vidro was all "you bunch of libtards" about those of us that said we didn't like it... I mean I know there are always people that just want to lurk but there are people that joined 4 or 5 years ago and never made a single post or don't have a single picture of a motorcycle on their page... ... I don't know ... Just a thought
  6. Anyone here, besides me, think it's time to start culling through the Facebook page members and remove them. You can't make a post there without something political or rude or otherwise showing up in the comments.
  7. Me too .... thanks Mike/Khaled/JJ for all the extra effort.
  8. Profits are the key. Follow the money.
  9. Bradl isn't going to get the job done. It's all up to Pol now
  10. Did you watch it on CNBC or on the MotoGP Website? I haven't seen CNBC yet and was wondering about the commercials. When they break away from the race do they come back where they left off or do they come back later in the race and you missed part of it. I'm thinking I won't pay the $160 next year for the web access... I'll miss seeing the FP4 Q1 and Q2 but I don't know if they are worth $160 bucks when you can see the race for "basically" free. Anything "big" that happens in the FP's and Q's get posted to the MotoGP site somewhere too. https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2022/03/21/marc-marquez-on-one-of-the-biggest-crashes-he-s-had/411741
  11. Willing to wait sometimes? Cause I ride for S#!+ these days. If so ok.
  12. We had a good day... met a new guy... pretty good rider.
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