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  1. Oh and this. Cardo rolls out yearly subscription devices in which the ability to use voice commands is in the most expensive level. https://www.visordown.com/news/product-news/cardo-launches-new-subscription-based-packtalk-custom
  2. Here is a tutorial on the X2 Slim... I also learned that my X1 Slim hooks up to my phone pretty well but I really don't care. I also learned that I can use a stereo patch cord and plug the Cardo output into the AUX port of my X1 Slim and hear it fine but I don't think I'm gonna mount two units to my helmet ... 1 device and a camera is enough.
  3. I'll be watching in pajama pants and a STLAR Hoodie. Wonder if they are doing the virtual fan wall this year?
  4. It will be a game day decision for me. Just like always... I was planning on trying to ride on Saturday but it looks like the rain is holding off on Sunday until the PM. I was just planning on a Calhoun County Cruise for myself. My brain is still not working right and I'm really out'a practice so I'll be the slow guy. Maybe just let me know where to show up for lunch if you can. -GB
  5. For those inclined to attend outings and share watching Moto-GP excitement. https://drafthouse.com/st-louis/show/moto-europa-watch-party
  6. Get you body armor and head on down. Channel 5 story 4 mins from Mayo Ketchup
  7. I didn't vote either way... I'm kinda over meetings... but I don't go in the city, especially in the evening, that would just be making myself a target. I might travel to O'Fallon, IL or Eureka, Mo before going anywhere near downtown.
  8. Maybe I'll try it for you. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  9. Get up to speed with our comprehensive dictionary of motorcycle slang Be sure to scroll down and look at "Gixxer"
  10. Not really my thing either... maybe if they were electric.
  11. This is the worst place to ride a demo ride there are just no good roads... but if you have never been on one and want to try it... this is your chance. APR 14 AT 9 AM โ€“ APR 15 AT 9 AM Link to Face Book Event Page Link to Web Page (Scroll Down to Events) Google Maps It's the old Elle's Cycle Location
  12. Welcome... There are a few folks here who own some kind of Harley or Metric Cruiser but mostly sport bikes or Sport Touring bikes here. But you are very welcome to hangout and maybe even convert some folks. There are people here who ride scooters and small cc bikes as well as giant ass Goldwings. There should be a group of people at Sybergs on Dorsett tonight around 7 in the Bar area as well in case you are just bored.
  13. Plenty of folks riding ADV and Dirt bikes. ADV711, Crash, Dipnet and a lot of others but some moved to CCDR with Todd cause you join their club and you get access to their private "park"... which is very cool. I think TFS32 still rides dirt.
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