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  1. dogpark

    Need some new gloves

    Yes he us the same one... he's looking for gloves there too. HELD.They actually have numeric sizes not just small medium ... follow the measuring instructions on the size chart. Last time I looked some of their last year's models were on sale at Revzilla. Revzilla is pretty good on returns... you know more about that than I do having "spent some time" at CG.
  2. dogpark

    Proper English

    I really the Guy Martin ones... "as always see you next time."
  3. dogpark

    Michelin Pilot Road Tire Failure

  4. I've been laid up a few days here and unfortunately that has meant a lot of boredom. I have truly enjoyed many of the pictures and videos that so many of you posted here and on Facebook. Unfortunately one of the videos I viewed contained some startling footage of a motorcycle crash scene. (If any of you are involved with the motorcycle community on Facebook you know the video, but that's another story.) The thing I noticed was the confusion... literally havoc at the scene. No one new what to do, no one was communicating. I know that heroic efforts were performed but there was plenty left undone. I am not trying to be critical but I also know that STLAR, as an organization, has invested a lot over the years in learning how to handle these situations and that we can be effective should the need arrive. It was a grim reminder of how important the knowledge of how we should behave in these situations is. This year, through my company, I was trained as a Disaster Response Team member and some of the information and training I received... I truly was not prepared for the frankness with which it was discussed. That having been said we have a lot of new members and it's been a while since we have had a session on Scene Management so at the very least I think we should all at least review the slides on how to behave and the roles that need to be filled during an incident. Please everyone take a look at this post and review the slides therein. If you are new and have questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  5. dogpark

    oldie but a goodie

    Drj 's wrists got em.
  6. dogpark


  7. dogpark

    oldie but a goodie

    Redrider67 was experimenting with cameras he was getting from China powered by cell phone batteries. I think TD might have had one of those. That was sportbike711 in front ... he only ride "adventure" now and TD doesn't ride at all anymore.
  8. dogpark

    Friday 9/28 ride

    Did you have pie yesterday too?
  9. dogpark

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Still hoping to recover and make this. It will be a game day decision
  10. dogpark

    I have returned

    Hey Ben... good to see you... yeah I remember that day when the 848 took that hit. I was right behind you. You showed incredible restraint through that whole situation. I'm mostly off on my own these days down to just an FJR. There is an "all purpose" ride next week end.
  11. dogpark


    Ohhhh got a little chub on those last couple nerd posts.
  12. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. dogpark

    Moving back to st louis

    Still here... under new mgmt. https://youtu.be/OBIxli09438
  14. I've talked this over a couple of times with the guy who farms our land and as savvy as he is he's not about to tackle an engine repair on a combine ... sure there are steering joints and wheel bearings and other moving parts that he'll fix and weld broken supports and other basic maintenence he will do but the engine control systems and such you need the special diagnostic equipment. Our Deere dealership has worked through the night on equipment for us and flown their own plane to pick up parts to keep us in the field at harvest for a reasonable service contract fee. Today's farms are complicated and computer controlled... the grain drying system saves thousands in propane $$$ every year and is all computer controlled to do that. You can't buy a "corn picker" any more and if you are not a big enough operation to own a combine you can rent one or pay a harvesting company to cut for you. Can you make a living on 50 acres with a tractor ... not in corn and beans. Vegetable farm maybe ... but that's a riskier business. Is the family farm dead ... no but yes it's hard to compete with big farms. Deere is doing what it does to meet the demand for more fuel efficiency and dependability. Honestly only had ever one break down and that was handled. You think you can work on your own car these days? ... Maybe if your Terry.