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  1. dogpark

    Sunday 7/22

  2. dogpark


    Preach it brother!!!! I have been touting Nick Ienatsch "Sport Riding Techniques" since I read it back in 2008... It's available in the St. Louis County Library system... People will always come back with Lee Parks Total Control ... yeah those techniques will help you with control of your bike but if you want to maintain control of your bike but mostly about not "over riding" or pushing your bike. Then they'll come at you with Pridmore way or Twist of the Wrist and they are great too... Twist is awesome but if you really want to understand the math and physics ... get "Sport Riding Techniques" , I read it every year at Christmas time ...
  3. B and U are both open ... but you can't get from the South End of U to the South End of B due to two bridges out constructions zones. Also the South Frontage Road is closed West of Warrenton so where we usually travel from near Warrenton to the North End of B is closed.
  4. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    They're racing... they're racing... they're racing... boom they're gone.
  5. Went to Hannibal yesterday saw no gravel... I went up W and saw signs for 79 detour on W. Read on Modot Web Website that 79 is closed South of Clarksville. On another note Spring Ride 5 years ago.
  6. dogpark

    New Guy

    Wow.... you finally got in! Awesome.... Thanks for being persistent. Welcome!!!
  7. Welcome... hopefully the weather is going to break our way soon.
  8. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    That whole thing was just bizarre.
  9. dogpark

    My first Kawi!

    Saw it on FB but congrats again. Can't wait for decent weather so we can get out. Had the FJR for 5 weeks and Bern out once.
  10. dogpark


  11. dogpark

    S1000RR color adjustment

    I never thought of doing matte... that would be cool...
  12. dogpark

    S1000RR color adjustment

    I like the all black option. I've seen a couple of them round here.. they look good.
  13. dogpark

    July 19-2009

    Sometimes I just like to read old ride threads and see if we've really learned anything in all these years.