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  1. You should really check out STLAR Facebook page ... that info was all in there.
  2. Working... and glad to be doing so.
  3. Happy Birthday here too!
  5. Soooooo many things still to learn...👀
  6. Class Tuesday & Thursday for next two months. 😣
  7. I'll be at at Speed's house between 7 and 7:20. I have 1 duffle about 24x10x10 inches. Chicago Weather Friday: Lake effect snow early, then partly sunny. High: 33, Low: 24 Saturday: Cloudy with flurries. High: 32, Low: 23
  8. I found Hwy U to be a bit of a mess with all the gravel and sand in the middle of the traffic lane...
  9. But but but I just paid $150 to watch them... Bastardos!
  10. The smoothness of the inline 4 is what attracts me. I've ridden both and the smooth operation without much of a noticeable difference in performance plus the taller stance and comfy seat are attractive.
  11. If that works out fine... otherwise I'll get myself there. No Problem. I switched my hotel to where you are staying but if the camper don't work out... NP... thx. KAWI Z900RS...
  12. Might try to get up there ... still have to see if I can get away from work.
  13. https://www.mymoinfo.com/26106-2/
  14. It was due to just a very few instigators who would stir up $#!÷ and then delete their posts to cover their tracks. Some people would threaten others with bodily harm or vandalism to their bike or other property and then delete their own post and deny it. Maybe not pertinent any more.
  15. Me Either!... so I look forward to hearing the story.
  16. Can you answer this? Do you have the electronic suspension?
  17. AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD not chords! yay😎
  18. Probably see you down there... but I'll be going a little slower... have fun
  19. Yep got my first scratch on the FJR... I have no idea how to "improve it".
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