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  1. dogpark

    FNG intro

    There's not a lot of off road going on here these days. Mostly long day trips on back roads, but there is some other stuff to. Hopefully some other folks can help you out with some ideas. My current "beast"
  2. dogpark

    FNG intro

    Welcome. What kind of riding do you like to do?
  3. dogpark

    Sunday 1/6

    Saw some pics on FB... looked like a fun day.
  4. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Mike!🎂

    Happy Birthday.
  5. dogpark


    It's funny because it's true.
  6. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Hope its a great day.
  7. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    Happy Birthday! Again...
  8. dogpark

    30K Helicopter Ride

    I read them all... and yes they charge way more for the service ... maybe more than it should be... but when you need the ride... you need the ride... thus... pay the membership fee and protect yourself against the costs... the alternative is to not pay the membership fee and hope you never need the ride... or plan to fight. When I crashed I had to talk the EMS out of calling the helo team... that just the general practice... motorcycle crash... call helo.
  9. dogpark

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    STLAR = "Saint Louis Area Rehab" ME = back surgery Dec 19th... recovery 8-10 weeks if all goes well.
  10. dogpark

    30K Helicopter Ride

    AirEvac is now part of the Care-Med-Network and it's really the only game in town... Arch Medical doesn't participate in any membership program that I know of.
  11. dogpark

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    Mmmmmmm turkey 🍗
  12. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    On Dec 19 I will be having two vertebrae in lower back fuzzed together. I'll be in the hospital a few days and off work 6 to 8 weeks. The first two weeks I'll be laying down 95% of the time. I just hope job is still there when I get back. I. The an time trying not to get bored will be hard. .
  13. dogpark

    Mango's mad project

    Be careful what you wish for!
  14. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    Already renewed my Video Pass for 2019... I've always waited until just before the first GP of the season... I'm looking forward to seeing what the off season has to offer... especially since I'll be pretty much flat on my back for 2 months. Needed something.
  15. dogpark


    Happy birthday Casey
  16. dogpark

    Software updated to 4.3.5

    We used to have the same bunch of goof balls here as you do now on the FB page ... but you would create a new "closed" group STLAR-Private No one would know it was even there except those who were added by other members ... The current page would remain as the outward face, but rides would be in the closed group. There are many different ways to set it up.
  17. dogpark

    Software updated to 4.3.5

    What's customized: (1) The Red Skin (2) The Paypal button (3) The Weather Widget (4) The Member badges (5) The chatbox Some are required on the desktop view, the tablet view and the phone view.... some are not. Why not just dump it an go all Facebook?
  18. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

  19. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    Dude use the spoiler function... it's the eyeball at the top of the editor.
  20. dogpark

    MotoGP 2018

    Tech3 leaving Yamaha and moving to KTM... turds... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tech_3 https://www.autosport.com/motogp/news/134488/tech3-to-split-with-yamaha-after-2018
  21. dogpark

    Software updated to 4.3.5

    It kinda looks like photobucket is allowing links back to their hosted pictures again with a watermark... so I just put this here as a test.
  22. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Gene!?

    Happy Birfsday.
  23. dogpark

    Halloween ?

    Awwwe that's cute!
  24. dogpark

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    The day of the ride felt great, the day after the ride felt pretty good, the day after the day after the ride not so great.