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  1. dogpark

    After the 4th Pool Party

    Have fun... were out of town. you guys are awesome for doing this.
  2. dogpark


    Ahhh I guess this is finally dead!
  3. dogpark

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    I had a blast but definately gonna "pay" for it today.
  4. dogpark

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Yes Khaled thanks so much... I had a great time... now I need a salad and massage therapy.
  5. dogpark

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Hanging out at Paneras across 44
  6. dogpark

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    I'll give this a shot, may head home early but too nice a day to pass up.
  7. dogpark

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    no gravel... just some rough road for a while ... take the first paved left after the green EBO sign... the vid shows me taking a right at the start because I blew past the turn the first time. https://youtu.be/H_6_3qcTVvI
  8. dogpark

    Ride Saturday ??

    Good to see you guys in Herrman today.
  9. I'm out Physical Therapy.
  10. dogpark

    NOT buying bikes

    It's funny 'cause it's true.
  11. dogpark


    I'm gonna run right out and get a Janus motorcycle... NOT https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janus_Motorcycles
  12. dogpark

    "Z" projects

    Fancy can man!
  13. dogpark

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Caught you on FB hope it was great day.
  14. dogpark

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
  15. dogpark

    You guys with 2-piece suits...

    Big wooden hanger and giant office binder clips with old socks for padding.
  16. dogpark

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I thought it was a secret... that's what I do with mine. Happy Birthday.
  17. dogpark

    FNG intro

    There's not a lot of off road going on here these days. Mostly long day trips on back roads, but there is some other stuff to. Hopefully some other folks can help you out with some ideas. My current "beast"
  18. dogpark

    FNG intro

    Welcome. What kind of riding do you like to do?
  19. dogpark

    Sunday 1/6

    Saw some pics on FB... looked like a fun day.
  20. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Mike!🎂

    Happy Birthday.
  21. dogpark


    It's funny because it's true.
  22. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Hope its a great day.
  23. dogpark

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    Happy Birthday! Again...
  24. dogpark

    30K Helicopter Ride

    I read them all... and yes they charge way more for the service ... maybe more than it should be... but when you need the ride... you need the ride... thus... pay the membership fee and protect yourself against the costs... the alternative is to not pay the membership fee and hope you never need the ride... or plan to fight. When I crashed I had to talk the EMS out of calling the helo team... that just the general practice... motorcycle crash... call helo.
  25. dogpark

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    STLAR = "Saint Louis Area Rehab" ME = back surgery Dec 19th... recovery 8-10 weeks if all goes well.