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  1. Unfortunate Bob is physically incapable of riding at this time, his one friend here knows the story.
  2. think i'll try to make this meeting and actually meet a few of you
  3. get rid of that piece of shit already and buy a real bike like a Suzuki
  4. BlazingBob back in Saint Louis for the time being at Boeing, them fuckers can't do anything without me. Hope to see you misfits out on the road this year ALL THE RACERS GET CONTRACTS FOR MOTOGP THAT USE TO RUN THEIR MOUTHS HERE ON THE FORUM
  5. I see that you finally got a real bike Mav! Maybe you will be one of the one's who can actually ride from this group!
  6. I remember you Acox2 can't wait for Spring so I can see those tata's again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I will bring the race bike and stopwatches! I'm hoping the timers are still on DD and19. These guys from STLAR are pussies they normally ride the interstates and river road bunch of straight road riding mofo's.
  8. Hey big guy ask and you shall receive! All this time you should have been riding the way that I do, time yourself on every back road and screw the rest. Don't have the balls to hang GTFO!
  9. So what's the normal procedure if we encounter cops on the ride? Back in CA we always let one of the slower guys take the heat and the rest of us would take off because they normally could not catch all of us.
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