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  1. Anyone know where I can get my tires mounted and balanced for relatively cheap? I have priced a few local shops (Belleville) and they want $40-50 per tire.... and that's with the wheels removed from my bike!! Any input greatly appreciated.
  2. Holy smokes!! I think I am free this Sunday. I'll see you guys at the QT. StickS, if you want, we can ride together. Meet me at MotoMart on the corner of Hwy 50 and the Scott-Troy rd at 0745.
  3. Virginia Introduces $3550 Speeding Ticket Virginia legislator introduces new speeding ticket tax that boosts penalties beyond $3550, driving business to his traffic law firm. Virginia motorists convicted of minor traffic violations will face a new, multi-year tax beginning July 1. Led by state Delegate David B. Albo (R-Springfield), lawmakers slipped a driver responsibility tax into a larger transportation funding bill signed by Governor Tim Kaine (D) in April. Albo, a senior partner in the Albo & Oblon, LLP traffic law firm, can expect to see a significant increase in business as motorists seek to protect their wallet from traffic tickets that come with assessments of up to $3000 in addition to an annual point tax that tops out at $700 a year for as long as the points remain. "The purpose of the civil remedial fees imposed in this section is to generate revenue," the new law states. (Virginia Code 46.2-206.1) Driving as little as 15 MPH over the limit on an interstate highway now brings six license demerit points, a fine of up to $2500, up to one year in jail, and a new mandatory $1050 tax. The law also imposes an additional annual fee of up to $100 if a prior conviction leaves the motorist with a balance of eight demerit points, plus $75 for each additional point (up to $700 a year). The conviction in this example remains on the record for five years. Other six-point convictions include "failing to give a proper signal," "passing a school bus" or "driving with an obstructed view." The same $1050 assessment applies, but the conviction remains on the record for eleven years. Although the amount of the tax can add up quickly, the law forbids judges from reducing or suspending it in any way. The tax applies only to Virginia residents, so that out-of-state motorists only need to pay the regular ticket amount. Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Texas also impose a somewhat more modest driver responsibility tax which they apply to out-of-state residents. The Virginia Supreme Court provides a full explanation of the new penalties for each traffic infraction in the 34k PDF file at the source link below. Update: View which legislators support a repeal, link to online petition. Source: Civil Remedial Fees (Executive Secretary, Virginia Supreme Court, 6/21/2007) LINKYS http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/18/1818.asp http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/18/1880.asp
  4. Hottest BMW sportbike I have seen. Not sure what to think about having engine heads so exposed for being a sport bike. A low side slide can be very costly and time consuming. However, I am intrigued with its gearshift assistant.
  5. Yes, it was a long day (560 miles for me), but what a day of riding!! Fiirst to mention is the roads. Absoutley fantastic! Some of those roads were so sweet. So many great roads. Second, is our group. Great turn out of STLAR members. Great riding with you all. Thanks for keeping it real. Thrid thing to mention, after five attempts to ride to Eminence from previous rides (botched be weather or mechanical problems), I'll finally made it to this destination. Now I'll understand why this is a popular destination. Getting there.... Enjoyed every minute and mile. :biggrin:
  6. 295 hp!! and Yamha will produce a detuned version for the masses. Good god, I can only imagine when some sick individual decides to tweak the engine for more hp. Probally could squeeze 350 or even more. I wonder how much torque that bike would have? Something with that much HP can be only for one thing...straight on acceleration. Hmmm, wonder what the quarter mile time would be?
  7. While we are on the subject, I thought I would share this link that is a gold mine on understanding suspension. Have a look at this site for more information on suspension setup: http://www.sportrider.com/tech/motor...ion/index.html
  8. Not bad. I really like some of that split screen action. Also that speedo shot in the straight away makes my bike want to hide. :ohmy:
  9. I was debating whether to go or not this late in the game, but I have decided that I will make the trip down there Saturday morning. Not sure where would be a good spot to meet, but it will be early if to make registration before 8 to 8:30. Oh yea, I will need one of those STLAR t-shirts. Just let me know how much.
  10. Stu, Anyone looking after your bike? There is a track day at Gateway coming up and I wanted to show it off. Just Kidding, I am on the hook to head over to the AOR in February for a 365. Stay cool.
  11. Six years ago I purchased both sets of gold valves and fork springs for my VFR thinking it should be no problem to install. I watched the video and checked to see what tools I needed. It seemed pertty straight forward, but the valves come with shims and I needed to purchase the Race Tech US-1 fork oil. Wanting perfection, I decided to have the local Honda dealer to install them for me. After installation, I did notice a improvement, but after a few months, it wasn't what I was expecting for improvement. I called the honda shop and they said my VFR was the only street bike that they had did before. I called Race-tech, and they told me the only way to verifiy the set-up of my forks was to send the forks to them. I shipped my forks to them and in two days, they said my gold valves port orfice had been enlarged, so the gold valve have to be replace again. I puchased another new set of gold valves and had them do the set-up for me (150 lbs expert rider) . Three days later, I recieved my forks back from Race Tech and threw on the VFR. I was told by race tech that there would be very little adjustment to do to dial in rider sag. Once on the bike, I headed out to the back roads, and was absolutely impressed on how much of improvement the ride is. The bike was handling better than my old zx-7. Now, every two years, I just send my forks back to Race Tech for clean and service of my forks for a minamal charge. Worth every penny.
  12. Truly a great day to ride. Great roads, fairly clean and not much traffic. Lamberts restraunt is the first place I have been where rolls was thrown to you and it wasn't a food fight. The food wasn't bad either. I will have check that place out again. Thanks Spike for putting this together.
  13. Hmmm $6800. of damages. All you need is some bondo and paint and you are up and looking good.
  14. Thanks for sharing that..... I am mentally scarred now
  15. Interesting topic here, for some it can a be very emotional thing to talk about. For the most part, conspiracies can take many forms, from different theroies and idealogies. We always tend to blind ourselves and a lot of the times and the government doesnt want the truth or intell to be released for national security. The topic about terriorist is real and if they get their chance, they will kill as many us Americans in the shortest amount of time. I hear from to many that we need to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan now. If we did, the terrorist bombings would happen here..... a lot. As long we are over there, we are on the offensive and we keep the terrorist on the defense. We pull out, then the terrorist would be on the offense and we would be on the defense. If that happen, they would be attacking the general public in masses, not the military. For this, I have no problem serving my nation in a country where I am not welcome.
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