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  1. Only someone named "TRICKY" could pull that one.
  2. It took me 45min to figure the crazy game out. I think I need a drink!!!!
  3. Thanks Scott, Anyone working at bike shop in the area my VIN is JH2PC37005M207041.. Holla atcha boyyyyy. Thanx
  4. Thanks Squash... To everyone in the group, please continue to ride safe and smart. I will ride again in the spring with new CBR. Hey Tricky, We will ride again.......
  5. Yeah man I had a master lock on the shed. I also have insurance. I spent about an hour talking with Allstate. Whoever took it had to go up the driveway, through a metal gate and into the back yard. They even stole the lock that they cut off. I am guessing that someone has been scoping out my pad for sometime. They had to pop the steering lock and either ride or role the bike away. Here is the kicker. I am a federal agent and my wife is a cop. Shit!!!!!!!
  6. I got home from work today and my shed was wide open. Some fuckers stole my bike.... 2005 cbr 600rr... black and silver. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am feel so freaking violated.
  7. RIP bro.. My regards to the family
  8. Happy belated Birthday Tricky.....There better be some good stories for your 21st...
  9. I am all in for meeting at the wall and riding the other direction after....The ride sounds bananas...
  10. Man, I have been traveling lately... I am more than ready to start riding again... I will be watching out for the next ride..... larry
  11. To add some insight..... The Ladue and Town and Country Cops have traffic units whose only purpose is to write large amounts of tickets per month. All they do is write speeding tickets. They do not give warnings so be careful.... :sad:
  12. Hey Dwayne, Next ride you better stay away from the fookn birds... I got drenched on the way home..
  13. Have you decided on a route or location yet? Count me in pending weather.. Larry
  14. That dudes pic has gotta be the funniest I have ever seen.... Who said crack kills????
  15. I am a 31er on a 600rr... Been riding 3 years so I am still new to the game and loving it.....
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