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  1. Eternalodyssey

    Maverick Fundraiser Video and Pictures

    Awesome photography of the evening Todd! What a great evening!
  2. Eternalodyssey

    FOR JJ

    Freak, how do you even fit on a Grom?
  3. Eternalodyssey

    Awesome improvements from Kirk! (Maverick)

    Awesome news!
  4. Eternalodyssey

    Jumping the tracks is baby stuff for this guy

    Doesn't matter what you're riding or where. Wear your gear and ride within your limits.
  5. Eternalodyssey


    I'm like a boil on your butt. Awkward and sometimes annoying, but when I disappear people are like "remember that... oh who could forget?" LOL!
  6. Eternalodyssey


    Well, if you don't get to watch the Isle of Mann you can always look for something else to pique your interest... :
  7. Howdy Cowpokes? Giddyup. Yee-haw, open a Coors, pause Nascar and throw your sister off your lap for a second. First I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in this endeavor from the beginning and on. Your visits and well wishes and yes, your donations have been more than generous to the Wills family, our motorcycle family and the group dynamic. This is truly an example of "when things are amiss, your true friends and family come running towards you. Not away." I saw Kirk today and some classic STLAR faces and DAMN I miss you guys! Kirk has been doing great. He recognized me (I'm a pretty ugly Ogre) and said my name. It is amazing to see the progress he is making. Everyday he is "climbing out!" If you go to visit, I will warn you he has an iron grip when you hold his hand and he will let you know he appreciates your presence! Michelle is doing well. Once again, thank you all for the positive thoughts, countless hours of help in every way, well wishes and all comments. Well, except for IdahoR1. Twat Waffle!
  8. Eternalodyssey

    Fundraising for Maverick

    Great to see so much activity! The fund raiser is becoming more successful than we ever imagined! Thank you all for your support!
  9. Eternalodyssey

    It this legit

    Mmm Beijing bathhouses... I miss the 90s...
  10. Eternalodyssey

    Whats up Mother F-ers?

    Good seeing everyone I got to catch up with yesterday at Gateway. I miss you Hooligans. Thanks for all the generosity to the 50/50.
  11. Eternalodyssey

    Whats up Mother F-ers?

    A yooooooooooo Homies. Today Kirk squeezed my hand a little. He has been responding a lot to Michelle's touch and voice. I know he can hear us. I'm jealous of his current beard. The generous support everyone has been giving is very much appreciated. This is why Erin and I will always think of you all as family. I will see you guys at Gateway tomorrow and hopefully again soon.
  12. Eternalodyssey

    Whats up Mother F-ers?

    Its been a while since I've rode with STLAR and I would be quite remiss if I didn't say one of the things I miss most about Saint Louis is the STLAR crew. Its crazy to think that its been literally 2 years since I have been reassigned up North. The Antiterrorism world is a busy one. For the most part, I enjoy my job but I have not forgotten where I truly belong. I'll be at Gateway this weekend with my wife, Erin on Saturday. I'll be drinking beer and pushing 50/50 sales for a fund raiser for a really good cause that I highly encourage everyone to consider being a part of. And of course, I'll be drinkkin beers =) I look forward to seeing everyone that will be there. Friends don't let friends drink pisswater. Sprout some hair on your chest. Drink craft beer. And feel free to donate/participate in the fundraiser. "Or I'll fucking cut you!"
  13. Eternalodyssey

    Fundraising for Maverick

    We have been in touch with the Commander and Chief of Michelle's military unit and they are traveling to see Michelle and bring her some things Sunday. I'm travelling down from the North late Thursday night to bring her clothes and other essentials so if there is anything else anyone can think for me to take to Springfield, MO please drop them off by early Friday morning. And thank you all for your generosity. -Dominick-
  14. Eternalodyssey

    Well Acox, here we are...........

    Damn I'm old. I actually remember this thread!
  15. Eternalodyssey

    Think we can talk Gateway into this?

    I would have to bow out of this one. Only because I would try to win. And you all know what that means. Lots of spare GSXR parts laying all over the track and a Hell of a show along the way!