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    My intrest is cars, and newly acuried intres of motorcycles. I just bought my first bike a 91 gsx 600 I have haveing a good time(sometime frustrating time) learning to work on it I just took it apart to paint it I bought it pre-wrecked and want to make it look nice again I run a body shop for a living, and do mechanical work on the side, mainly cars but I am learning bikes.
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    st louis

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    1991 gsx 600
  1. Hi i am Ben I live in south st louis, mo just bought my first bike after my divorce, a couple month ago. I got a 1991 gsx 600 in need of some work I am in the middle of painting it and fixing a few mechanical problems. The main prob I belive is it has a d&d exhaust and stock jets I have no clue how to figure what jets to install to match the exhaust so if any one can clue me in i would be very thankfull.
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