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  1. Yeah i have full coverage on all my vehicles. Im currently without medical insurance though. I know my auto policy covers my med bills, but his should be taking care of my bills. I understand they cant start pursuing the case till my med bills are done, the asap part of the thread title was to get info on a body shop to get an estimate on my bike and get it fixed if its not totalled. Ive never dealt with damage to a bike, and i dont recall hearing anyone talk about getting theirs fixed anywhere (everyone fixes it themselves pretty much). Are dealers the only places to get damage to a bike fixed, or do the independent shops like cyclehouse and WFO and stuff do that type of work also? Anyone have recommendations on where i can get it fixed?
  2. I had a meeting with a rep from brown and croupen, i was less than impressed. They sent in a guy from some 3rd party company, his job is just to find them business i guess. He showed up to my hospital room wearing a tshirt and khakis... tattoos all over his arms. Seemed to me like one of those shady people that sells magazines door to door. He wasnt talking to me about my situation, he was very obviously giving me a practiced and rehearsed sales pitch. I got the same schpiel he has given hundreds of other people. I had the tv on in my room (muted) and i bet he looked up at the tv 20 times at least. when he looked up at it he was still talking through his sales pitch, and if he has it that rehearsed that he can watch tv while he talks then im confident they arent going to give me the individual attention i deserve. Plus he didnt even work for B&C so they dont care about the client enough to have someone from their company come out. I thought they would be a good firm since they are so big and well known, but after thinking about it more I dont want someone that does all their advertising on TV during judge Judy to try and get as many people (by people i mean just $$ because that's obv all they care about) in the door. I want someone that advertises by word of mouth because they do a good job and dont have to advertise to the lowest common denominator. Probably the biggest thing that bothered me was this- the packet of info he gave me had a sheet of paper that had a standard settlement payout for different types of injuries, lost work, etc. He told me all that, and said 'you didnt hear this from me, that piece of paper isnt supposed to even be in there.' I felt like it was just to put a dollar amount in front of your face so youd see $$$ signs and sign your life away really quick. He made sure to tell me i wasnt supposed to see that and he kept the paper to make me feel like it was some top secret privileged info. That probably works on a lot of people that are hurting for money or maybe dont know any better. The whole thing felt very shady, and i really feel like they were in it for their best interest not to help me. I wont use them or recommend them to anyone. Also Dom, B&C take 40% now.
  3. minimum 12 weeks of no weight bearing on my right leg (wheelchair and walker) and unknown rehab time after that. at least 6months before im back in the gym and living normal. So ive got plenty of downtime comin :/ Thanks for the well wishes
  4. Last Saturday i had a bike accident... 16 yr old kid making a left turn fucked my world up. Im still in the hospital, and will be for at least a few more days. I need recommendations on a lawyer to take care of my case. Has anyone used one they liked or know of a good one? if you used them id like to hear about your experience. That kids insurance checked out my bike and said it may not be totaled.... and ive got to have it taken to a shop to get a final repair estimate. Im guessing regular body shops dont do bikes, so where do i take it? Dealer or cyclehouse or something? open to suggestions/ referrals to that as well.
  5. The sun will be out this weekend big guy dont worry ;) AND its gonna be above freezing Sunday!
  6. please tell me that is true and not just a well written joke
  7. Frog gigs and fish gigs are quite a bit different as far as size and shape of the barbs... not suprised a frog gig would bounce off one that big lol anything bigger than bullfrogs would be hard
  8. sorry to hear that man. Glad to hear that it isnt more serious. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!
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