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  1. jjester

    Happy Birthday

    @Joker_PaPa Happy Birthday!
  2. jjester

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    What time do they normally start putting up air fences and stuff?
  3. jjester

    Sunday 7/22

    Looks like Dave maybe having some extra work soon. :D
  4. jjester

    Sunday 7/15

    Home safe, excellent day. We got a little rain nothing bad. Thanks Dave for setting up and leading.
  5. jjester

    Sunday 7/15

    I'm running late but I'm on my way.
  6. jjester

    Sunday 7/15

    Eureka is not looking much better.
  7. jjester

    Hey Everyone!

  8. jjester

    Sunday 7/15

  9. jjester

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    Not this time, I'm planing to come out and help setup though.
  10. jjester

    2018 Challenge

    Not sure if you all have this already, but I think this site has a lot of useful stuff. https://darebee.com/
  11. jjester

    BSC bike night

  12. jjester

    Stlar Meeting!

    I had a good time I'm glad I made it out!!
  13. jjester

    Stlar Meeting!

    Okay, I got my lazy ass moving. I'm on my way.
  14. jjester

    Stlar Meeting!

    I'm not going to make it.
  15. jjester

    Race Track info

    This is the Race Optimal simulation of an ideal lap at Putnam Park Road Course for a motorcycle.