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  1. jjester

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    I'm in and I'm planing to get there with early enough to help setup.
  2. jjester

    IMan Videosle of

    I think this is you link. https://www.s1000rrforum.com/forum/bmw-s1000rr-r-xr-hp4-videos/239068-isle-man-video.html And also
  3. You taking off the training wheels?. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜… I wish I could make, I got to work. :(
  4. jjester

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Home safe excellent day!! Thanks Nate for setting and thanks to all that showed up.
  5. jjester

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    I'm on my way
  6. jjester

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Is Dave coming ask him for a route around it?
  7. jjester

    MotoGP 2019 Pics

    You ROCK!!!
  8. jjester

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Road info http://traveler.modot.org/map/
  9. jjester

    CHAin lube

    I've been using Dupont Chain saver for a while it is cheap. I'm getting over 20k miles per chain, so I think it works.
  10. jjester

    MotoGP 2019

    Amazing race!!!!
  11. We might need to rent a party bus next year.
  12. jjester

    2019 Challenge

    I'm doing some riding again on the stationary bicycle, I'm getting in about 20 miles per session. I hope to do 3-4 session a week, we will see.