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  1. jjester

    Sunday 9-23

  2. I just started reading this and wonder what the larger impact will be for other vehicles. https://www.wired.com/story/john-deere-farmers-right-to-repair/
  3. jjester

    Moving back to st louis

    We are still here, how were things in CO?
  4. jjester

    Happy Birthday Morbo

    Happy Birthday!
  5. jjester

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 06 18

    Got a birthday party for my son that Saturday, but I'm working to see what I can do.
  6. jjester

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    It was good seeing you and Aaron (@OhNoItsBonnie!) also, are you guys going to do a falling leaf ride this year?
  7. jjester

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    I think for the 2 days riding I came up with 589 miles, I'm feeling it this morning. But it was worth it.
  8. jjester

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    Home safe, I had an amazing time today. Big thanks to all who made it out, It was good meeting @koth442 and @DRitch . I hope to see you all out on a ride again soon. @cyclesailor I hope everything is okay, we waited at the meet spot until 9:35.
  9. jjester

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    By the way, I'm thinking http://www.bayleejos.com/ for lunch and then out to Cherokee Pass.
  10. jjester

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    Up and moving, see you all in a bit.
  11. Homes safe, excellent time today.
  12. jjester

    Ace Bikes bike mover

    Watch them toes.
  13. jjester

    Can Am