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  1. Sorry man see you another time.
  2. Well this weather is looking like it is going to be serious tomorrow so I am canceling. We have a long season that has just started I'll see you all on another ride. Thunderstorms are expected Saturday afternoon and evening. While timing is shifting slightly from run-to-run, the forecast models have been very consistent in forecasting conditions which can produce severe thunderstorms. It is likely that some of these thunderstorms will become severe particularly along and south of I-70. Damaging wind gusts to 80mph, large hail, and a few tornadoes will be possible. Make sure you are Weather Ready and have a plan of action in place if warning is issued for your location this Memorial Weekend. http://www.weather.gov/lsx/weatherstory
  3. This is why we should know our limits when drinking tequila ... Guy walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and sees it's filled to the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there must be thousands of dollars in it. He approaches the bartender and asks. "What's up with the jar?" "Well, you pay $10 and if you pass three tests, you get all the money." The man certainly isn't going to pass this up. "What are the three tests?" "Pay first, those are the rules." says the bartender. So the man gives him the $10 and the bartender drops it into the jar. "OK," the bartender says. Here's what you need to do: First - You have to drink that entire gallon of pepper tequila, the whole thing, all at once.. and you can't make a face while doing it. Second - There's a pit bull chained-up out back with a sore tooth. You have to remove the tooth with your bare hands. Third - There's a 90-year old woman upstairs who has never truly enjoyed sex. You've gotta make things right for her." The man is stunned. "I know I paid my $10, but I'm not an idiot! I won't do it! You have to be nuts to drink a gallon of pepper tequila, and then do those other things..." "Your call," says the bartender, "but your money stays where it is." As time goes on and the man has a few drinks, then a few more, he asks, "Where ez zat tequila?" He grabs the gallon with both hands and downs it with a big slurp. Tears streaming down both cheeks, but he doesn't make a face. Next, he staggers out back where the pit bull is chained-up and soon the people inside the bar hear a huge, noisy, scuffle going on outside. They hear the pit bull barking, the guy screaming, the pit bull yelping and then silence. Just when they think the man surely must be dead, he staggers back into the bar, with his shirt ripped and large bloody scratches all over his body. "Now," he slurs, "where's the old woman with the sore tooth?" http://www.dcsportbikes.net/forum/f21/know-your-limits-drinking-tequila-19878/
  4. I think he is fine. No further medical complications for Rossi Having been diagnosed yesterday evening with mild thoracic and abdominal trauma following a motocross accident, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi is making positive progress with his recovery. Last night the nine-time World Champion spent a quiet night at the "Ospedale Infermi" in Rimini and was visited once again this morning by doctors. Positively, Rossi said that he is experiencing less pain both in the chest and in the abdomen compared to last night. The pain is the result of slight liver and kidney lesions that have not evolved into further complications. The Italian legend will continue to receive pain relief over the next 12 hours and, over the course of the day, will undergo routine diagnostic tests. If the results are positive, he may be discharged from the hospital within the day. Further updates are to follow in due course. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2017/05/26/no-further-medical-complications-for-rossi/229558
  5. Whatever!!
  6. But it only matters up to Elephantitis
  7. Size matters.
  8. So not at all scientific but I find it entertaining. Todd 8592÷14162 = 60% Reputation Points/Post Count = Percentage -- Of stuff you posted that you that people gave your reputation points for. I know you can get more than 1 point per post. Here is you prime example. Dave 897÷707 = 120%
  9. Todd's reputation points are about triple my post count.