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  1. On 12/3/2022 at 8:35 AM, stlar_admin said:

    I don't know from fuel stabilizer, but, I can tell you not to let old gasoline sit in your tank for long periods of time.  It can dissolve brass used in connectors to fuel pump and fuel level sender. Even some plastic can dissolve.  RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE!  


    I do use stabilizer but the bottle I have is so old I'm not sure IT is good anymore.  


    Biggest pita is Mercedes that I don't drive enough, which is easily fixable, and generator which I drain and refill every 2 years. Should do sooner but hasn't been a problem, yet. I always run the carb out of fuel, by choking it as it starts to die. I should figure out how to run it on propane/natural gas.  I've used it once during a 30 power outage in 10 years... 






    Okay so who was this?

  2. Dam Putin


    Opening practice for this weekend's Argentina MotoGP has been put back 24 hours to Saturday after flights carrying crucial equipment for the race were delayed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine cited as a major factor.







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