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  1. It didn't seem bad at all, and the scenery for lunch was very Nice. We are coming up on summer most rides are gona be 100°F + 99% humidity
  2. Sorry man I am grounded. I'll be available to ride the weekend after next, for wherever you want to go. I went last year down to Lake of the Ozarks with Matt it was a good change scenery. But, I'll be up for anything in two weeks.
  3. You might want to download the manual tonight it took me almost 30 mins to get it.
  4. Then you should be right at home on one. NO more Thread Jacking get back on target. Talk about your ride plans
  5. this looks cool too. http://www.1000rr.net/forums/showthread.php?t=62060 FAQ for 2008+ Honda CBR1000RR
  6. Looks good, What rotors do you have on the front?
  7. What's wrong a Wii? I got one for my 8 yo son.
  8. I try to help where I can, and I got to take care of my Honda Buddies. ;)
  9. I'm On Call for the next 2 weekends, so all I'm riding is my PS2. I'm trying to improve my skill with Tourist Trophy and Motogp2008. God do I need some new games.
  10. http://www.1000rr.net/forums/showthread.ph...=service+manual http://cbr.deathace.net/files/08cbr1000rr_sm.pdf
  11. More stuff, still looking for the manual
  12. go to the link, there is some explanation about getting the code. "Just start the bike in neutral with the kickstand down. It will flash the code." is what one guy said I'm trying to find a service manual
  13. http://www.1000rr.net/forums/showthread.ph...8345&page=2
  14. Cool videos Jason, and just at a quick view your riding looks good.
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