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  1. ok, a little more specific on the start point?
  2. When and where are you starting From. 1pm CHESTERFIELD, MO Hourly Weather 79° F T-Storms
  3. Good ride today, thanks for putting it together Galen.
  4. This Driver should be charged with manslaughter. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/1558715...-050509.article
  5. MotoBoss Rear stand $45 Looks just like the stand below
  6. I have a Silver Undertail kit that is new, the bag is open but never used. $100 http://www.hotbodiesracing.com/en/prod_46_...2001-03_cbr_f4i
  7. I have 2 New Sealed sets EBC HH Brake pads $35 for the 2 sets (4 pads) I purchased for F4i but, should also fit some CBR600RR
  8. Had a great time today, thanks for putting this ride together Mike.
  9. Not sure if ya seen this, I found it the other day and thought I should share it. I don't really care for him but, he knows something about riding a motorcycle. http://www.ebike-ridingtips.co.uk/video/me...?file=rossi.flv
  10. Fun day, thanks for putting the ride together.
  11. Ok, this squirrel is trying to come out of hibernation but I'm not sure where the QT is. Please help Meeeeee.
  12. I can't be out that long tomorrow, maybe next time. I'll just hit some local roads.
  13. I'm in, I got a new tire to scrub in.
  14. Thanks for putting the ride together guys. Hope to cya all again soon.
  15. I'm in, and I think I know the way to the starting point this time.
  16. I'm going to try and make it out there. Can you post the starting point address so I Google it? I haven't been out there yet.
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