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  1. Sorry to hear about his Get-off, Glad he is OK.
  2. I'm home safe. Amy, thank you for putting this thing together, I had a blast. It is nice seeing some familiar faces and always good seeing some new ones hope to see ya all again soon.
  3. I'm not gona be able to make it. Work, life, I got a whole roll of excuses.
  4. I'm going to really try hard to make this one, and I'll bring my Dues also.
  5. I'm gona tag along with Bluejeans Friday, thanks.
  6. Anyone off Friday April 2, 2010 and want to lead a ride. It's suppose to be 80 and sunny
  7. Overall Great time yesterday, thanks for managing things Mike and Ray. You guys did a great job for a ride of that size.
  8. Count me in, same starting point and time?
  9. Ok, on Ray calling this and looking at the weather I'm staying away from Bixby. If ya come up with something else let me know.
  10. ok, a little more specific on the start point?
  11. When and where are you starting From. 1pm CHESTERFIELD, MO Hourly Weather 79° F T-Storms
  12. Good ride today, thanks for putting it together Galen.
  13. This Driver should be charged with manslaughter. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/1558715...-050509.article
  14. MotoBoss Rear stand $45 Looks just like the stand below
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