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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted around here. But just wanted to support Timmays claims, last time her wore heals to our pillow fight I beat the shit out if him.
  2. benprobst

    get pumped

    They were normally closer to that 170 number. Though sometimes the prereg deals could save you a bundle.
  3. benprobst

    Screen name change, New bike

    ZX12, turbo, extended swingarm. Where does the sleeper part come in?
  4. benprobst

    bike stands....

    Those T-Rex stands are piles of crap. Save up a few extra dollars and buy high quality american stuff that works. Youll have the tool forever, and if you ever want to sell it, it will be worth damn near exactly what you bought it for.
  5. benprobst

    First Responders Course

    We have a loud speaker now so the level of her voice will not be an issue.
  6. benprobst

    Ice Races

    Yup, some of those 4 wheel guys had those things dialed. Pretty impressive. I though it was funny how much faster the flat track bikes were than the speedway bikes.
  7. benprobst

    Quick Fork Preload adjusters

    Do you make a lot of adjustments to your preload on the road?
  8. benprobst

    BMW S1000RR debut in St Louis

    Im going to guess about the same as in 04, 06, and 08. If they ever actually get to sell them.
  9. benprobst

    2011 ZX10

    Its an engine problem. A big engine problem, hopefully they can fix it quickly.
  10. benprobst

    Lots of stuff for sale

    Shoot me a few photos of the 08 wheel set to ben@mototireusa.com. Thanks.
  11. benprobst

    for all those that have not

    You have that guys number or email please? Thanks.
  12. benprobst

    Good Place to Pilot Powers

    The Pilot Powers will be back shortly. They have been out of stock throughout the country for most of the last half of the year. Should be hitting the shores shortly and the super deals will be back online.
  13. benprobst

    St. Joe

    Just got in from out drinking Paul, anyway, no sprinkles yet. Should be ready to roll in the morning.
  14. benprobst

    St. Joe

    You guys can make out after the ride, ok. Lets stay focused for now.
  15. benprobst

    St. Joe

    An orange freight train, followed by blue coal haulers and their lackeys.