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  1. I wonder if its just a character of the Michelins, to slide a little? I hear a lot of folks sayd they get greasy when hot and I have experienced it myself, but I am sure I may have help in the condition. I would like to try out those new S-20 Battlax, supposingly has MotoGP technology and since they are on their initial release they are going for only $220 a set! However, I really want to try some slicks as well or those AMA spec Dunlops Jeff is selling...either way, once I get everything back together I am in need of some new rubber at HPT or Putnam if I make it there. As for GMP, I didn't use to like it, but someone else said its nothing like rolling out of bed and driving for me less than 15 mins to the track then being home by 4:30 and sleeping in your own bed. Its actually a pretty fun track once you figure it out.
  2. Nice videos fellas... On the tire note I gotta agree with Tommy there, although I also would like to upgrade to slicks now after a low side on Sunday, but I still believe hypersport street tires are plenty capable at the track. I love Pures on the street (P, DD, WW, KK, 32), but I have found Michelins due tend to get greasy when hot. But, I was also pulling dual duty on my CBR1KRR street bike. I had a few slips and slides here and there, but many times those can also be due to gripping the clip-ons to tight and not being loose on the bars. We tend to grip harder the faster we go, etc...gotta to remember to stay loose on the bars. On a previous CBR600 track bike I had I ran 190/55 Q2s, never a slip, which gave me a lot of confidence to get on the gas early and since picking up another dedicated tracker (GSXR600) I have gone back to Q2s again, but 180/55s this time. I hear Jason Pridmore can make Q2s sing! This past weekend was my fourth track day on the rear, but my front was off my previous 600 tracker that I had stored in my garage, so it has about 8 TDs on it, which in hindsight very well may have helped in causing my low side in turn 2 in my second Advance session; most likely along with a little bit of fatigue that caused me to get lazy and not get off the bike as much as I typically did prior to, and some think the front end may have bottomed out on me. I am 220 in street clothes (6’ tall), on a stock 06 GSXR 600, so indeed they may also have a point, so now I am looking to upgrade my springs (front and rear) and my tires as my pace has seem to pick up this year. Previously I have just stayed in my comfort and fun zone in Intermediate, started in Novice back in April 2009 at Putnam and moved up to intermediate by the next Putnam Sep '09 and stayed ever since, but have been urge by one of my friends constantly to move up to “A” for a while now to get out of the traffic and follow some faster riders. Plus once you are passed in “A” you tend to get a lot of clear track to work on things etc. Well I finally had a CR (Dave) follow me around on my first session of “I” on Sunday and he agreed that it was time for me to bump up to Advance. Prior to that my fastest time in “I” this past weekend was a 1:15.7, but typically with traffic I ran in the 1:16-1.17s After going up to “A” in my first session, I was already down to a 1:14.7 and running more consistently in the 1:15s, an immediate 1 second drop. There is INDEED something to be said for following around faster riders, but given my weight, increasing speeds, etc…I do think for my confidence and bike plastics sake LOL it’s time to upgrade in suspension and tires. Inexpensive insurance, especially if I stay in “A” group OH almost forgot, you all see those nice and expertly painted chinese plastics on eBay? Great for show no doubt, but they are ABS plastic or something similar and explode into little pieces when there is an off! A real set set of fiberglass racing plastics are in my future and matter of fact should arrive today!
  3. Probably skip Putnam for HPT, but won't rule it out 100% yet....depends on how bad of track fever I have by then.
  4. This past weekend was my first time...love the track, we all plan to be back in Sept as well. Garages are nice, TDs affordable, and HPT crew are very hospitable and did I mention I love the track. Between the 3 track I have rode, GMP, Putnam, and now HPT...HPT feels like the more "pro" quality track. Decent straights with nice techincal sections, a little bit of everything. This track have a enough of each turns (left and right) so you get even wear on those pucks!!! HPT even offered us garage renters a free garage rental on our return back due to all of the delays during the weekend and the weather on Sunday; even though most all the delays were beyond their control.
  5. Indeed that link and my happingstance across it help two out of the four that I am traveling with to HPT. I was able to slide in with MCRA for both days, but two of my riding partners were only able to get Sunday with MCRA as Saturday was Sold Out so I share the link which they used to purchase their Saturday track day. Good looking out!
  6. I bought a pair of Pit Posses from Good Grip Racing during this past track day, they are as describe by the earlier poster. There seem to the job and for $225 they were in my price range.
  7. Yeah I saw that posting was deleting for the CBR, figured it must have sold.
  8. The 750 is a good friend of mine bike. It has been well cared for and he had done a few track days on it. Its already safety wired for MCRA Intermidiate. Oh I have an 08 CBR1000RR...no oil burnings issue with mine either...at about 17K miles and all is well and good.
  9. I like it! seems to have improved where the side cowl meets the upper cowl, no more separate ram air tube, etc to deal with when taking off the fairs. All new wheels and suspension...wheels look like those off the Aprilla RSV4. Tail end is a little wider and appears sharper. The new data logger type display...very similar to MotoGP with a gear indicator now! And I am sure there are other small changes to refined the bike. It already has a dayum good frame, so Give me one in all black or Repsol please!
  10. group of us will be there Friday through Sunday...few of us riding out Friday morning, we are staying downtown off meridian in the Sheraton. Should be fund this year with IMS After Dark...it appears they intend to leave the track open til 10 pm and sort of mimic Bikes of Meridian. Bike parking this year is suppose to be great as well...also the typical early morning pit walks etc are pushed to afternoon, so I may finally get an opportunity to do one. .Lots to See and Do During Indy GP
  11. yeah I frequent 1000rr.net a lot...and that's where I see a lot of the stories. Sucks to hear that man...we are heading up to memphis tomorrow morning for the river city roundup...riding the honda no doubt.
  12. wow I have heard the horror stories...I have an 08 with 15K and its doesn't burn any oil...on once did I notice a possible 1/3 qt low, but it could have been from various other reasons. Either way I am a 4th or 5th gear guy in the twisty bits, but a few track days on her too and still no oil burning.
  13. gotta say it .... I like it as well... Nice Work!
  14. Cool and thanks...good seeing you all out as well. Is it me or is the Bixby Country Store getting more expensive?! lol
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