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  1. pontiacman63383

    the inevitable happned! (No not a crash)

    Damn now i wish i lived over there lol.
  2. pontiacman63383

    the inevitable happned! (No not a crash)

    Just to update everyone, apparently warren county will not ammend a speeding ticket for 25+ so now im getting 2 points on my license and have to pay the $560 fine. F*ck me lol
  3. pontiacman63383

    the inevitable happned! (No not a crash)

    still got ya beat! Ya, just give ben a call. hes a good guy to deal with. Plus he sends ya cards and magnets, oh and i also got a flashlight with his name on it this time lol.
  4. pontiacman63383

    Early July 4th ride?

    nope, my gopro is messed up. it didnt record anything on the ride.
  5. pontiacman63383

    Early July 4th ride?

    you guys will be happy to know, after my close call on the ride i decicded it wasnt close enough. So i went ahead and took a ride in the ditch anyways. it was down 185 was just putting along and was zoning and came up on a corner to fast. Good news is did not go down. Went stright in and came right back out. Not even a scrach on the bike. Now I thing ive spent my luck for the rest of the year lol
  6. pontiacman63383

    Early July 4th ride?

    im down for a bixby run. just found out im off tomorrow.
  7. pontiacman63383

    the inevitable happned! (No not a crash)

    thats cause my internet sucks. tried to upload it, after 2 hours i closed it. It turned out the way i was afrade, almost the whole vid was of my windscreen.
  8. pontiacman63383

    the inevitable happned! (No not a crash)

    Thanks, this is the lawyer ive been using but lost his card i could not remeber his name lol. Ya, i agree its a fee to have fun! lol. Not a cheap fee but wouldnt not have it any other way
  9. Well I have considered myself very lucky to have been riding almost 5 years now and never had a crash or even been pulled over. But that all changed today! Got a suprizes day off cause we were slow. So took the bike out. Had a great ride and as i was comming down the service road to the shop to get my check. Popped up over a hill and there she was, state trooper headding my way look at the speedo....F*ck. Got clocked doing 82 in a 55. The way i look at it is after all the other stuff i have gotten away with on that bike if this is my first ticket all take it without much complaint. My question to you guys is, i use to have a lawyer that would take care of tickets for 50 bucks. Dont have his card anymore though. Do you guys know of a cheap lawyer I can call to take care of this problem? Thanks guys.
  10. pontiacman63383

    6/17 Fathers Day ride

  11. pontiacman63383

    Gateway June 16 & 17

    well...was planning on going but looking like im out for this one
  12. pontiacman63383

    Good suspension shop?

    deffently hit up Velocity Calibrations. Eric is a great guy. Ive known him for a few years now and he really does know his stuff!
  13. I dont know, its kirk running around in a banana hammock!
  14. im in! I should have that vid for ya too kirk
  15. pontiacman63383

    STLAR TURN 5 Roll Call and List

    Well has a BLAST yesterday, great first track day! good to see everyone again. I can belive you guys can do that to days in a row. I must be weak, lol. I got home last night about 7 and fell asleep shorly after. Didnt get up till 9 this moring. Have fun today guys and be safe!