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    2008 yamahammer r6

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    besides bikes, i like to spend time with my boys and wife. i like to camp, fish, hunt, go fourwheelin. anything outdoors.
  1. just my 2 cents, but in addition to what they have all said, ive had a tank slapper twice as well. and i believe what helped me out was that when it started shaking, i lift my butt just a lil, to get weight off the seat, let the bike do its thing under you.then the bike is only dealing with correcting the problem with its own weight, and not so much of yours too. i did that both times, and the bike stopped shaking almost immediately. i learned this racing motocross, and it just came naturally, and it seems to work great.
  2. kids birthday coming up, looking for a crf50. or xr 50 i guess. around $500
  3. the guy that was buyin my car had to work late. so he said he was 100 percent sure he is gonna buy it but were supposed to do it saturday. so if he follows through,..... i am 100 percent sure ill buy this from you. ill contact ya in the morning.
  4. do you still have this?my boys b days are comin up and id love to really surprise the shit out of them with this.... what time is a good time to call ya? hopefully im sellin a car tomorow, and ill be up that way, so maybe, if all goes well i could kill two birds with one stone.
  5. my buddy that lives in that area just happened to be riding his dirtbike down that road, found me stuck, so he went back to his house to get his fourwheeler and a chain hoist, we chain hoisted it backward about 20 feet before it even started to move on its own,...... it sucked. then to top it all off, when we got home, my kids knocked the bag of mushrooms that we did find in the floor and stepped on them, so it was all for nothing!.....
  6. and ran across this,.... what a pleasant surprise. anybody know what kind of snake this is? it flared its head when it was mad, but quickly ran away, didnt look like it wanted to fight. also had round pupils
  7. me and the wife went a couple days ago, only found 5 mushrooms, and had a big oops in our jeep liberty
  8. we had a really good morning ride,.... to end up with such a shitty evening. could have easily been me had i not went home to sleep before work. cant wait to see ya on your new bike kegan.
  9. [quote name='StlRider' post='172572' date='Apr 19 2009, 12:15 PM' I would be curious what your definition of rockin down DD means. Hopefully you have life insurance in case your just born baby needs support down the road. You cant just think about yourself.] rockin as in having fun, enjoying ourselves at a fairly quick, but nowhere near race speed, down the highway
  10. ive never even had leathers on, but it seems like these would be really hot. especially the black ones. arent they like wearing an oven?
  11. right on, just as soon as i get enough money to pick up a set im going to.just dont have the cash right now. just had a baby and all. but i do plan on making that purchase asap. and in the classifieds there is a guy selling his that would fit me too!!! me and all my buds just go out rockin down p and c and dd in jackets and blue jeans. ill get the good shit one of these days, hopefully before my crash. and yes, the urban dictionart is hilarious.! my first time seeing it as well.
  12. hey man, im from the south, down here we have our own lango. lol.... should i change my name to redneck r6? and i dont really know if im a squid or not. by that definition,.... im close. i dont brag on my abilities, but i do, however, do stupid stuff with not enough gear on.as you seen in our videos... ill let "yall" decide when i actually ride with ya.
  13. ok, im new to forum talk, so what exactly is a squid? you guys talk bad boutem? sure hope i find out im not one!!!and in the classifieds, what does bump mean? dang,..... am i a squid cuz i dont know what bump means?? and i seen the word choad, whats that.??? sorry for bein new.
  14. now if they would just make a hollywood undead road! lol
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