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  1. I sold my BMW so I no longer need this tire. They usually are priced around $215-220 but I am selling this for $180. Eric
  2. Great ride! Nice seeing everyone. Saw a green Mclaren on the way home.
  3. Great ride today! Thanks for leading Dave. Yes, I am really glad I joined you guys. Nice seeing everyone again.
  4. I am meeting you guys. Leaving now from Richmond Heights.
  5. Great day of riding. Nice seeing everyone.
  6. Awesome day of riding! Thanks Dave for setting up this ride and leading us to great roads!
  7. Was a great day of riding. I got home at 5:30.
  8. Awesome ride today! Thanks Joe! Nice seeing everyone!
  9. What time are you starting on Sunday? I can meet you somewhere if you are still going. I will check back here in the morning. Let me know.
  10. Great ride today! Yes, back home. Thanks for leading Ed!
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