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  1. I'm selling my pitbull stands as a package. One is a motorcycle head lift stand (Triple Tree Stand) and the other one is just a rear stand. Spools or swing arm (I would recommend to get the spools) The rear stand is painted flat black and the head lift stand is still gold. I have a pin for a 07 R6 and another pin but forget which one it is. $250 - Text or call (314) 249-9240.
  2. Doing good yourself? Just wishing it was warmer weather now.
  3. Forgot to say my number is 3142499240. I'm hardly ever on a computer.
  4. I have a 2007 Yamaha r6 for sale for $4000. It has 11,542 miles clean title and vortex rear sets and clip ons. It also has a gtyr slip on that has a little rash. Track fairings are also rashed due to a low side last year. I also have a full set of aftermarket fairings with oem head lights and taillight. Bike runs good and fast of course. It has 50ish (1/2 day at gateway) miles on a set of power ones. Have to pay off my truck and then getting a 250 for track days. Don't really want to sell it just want the truck paid off.
  5. Just got home. Had to stop at De Soto and wait for the girl friend to get off work and then come pick me up.
  6. I may be there. Just gotta make sure I get up in time.
  7. OWish I would have seen this before. I was down that way in the cage. Would have stopped by and ate lunch with you guys.
  8. Sorry been out of town but happy birthday!
  9. ciRe

    Road update

    I hate you Ed. I want a xr1200 so bad. And a vrod but can't afford them. But thanks for the update!
  10. Now its less likely. The whole day I thought it was Tuesday but its Wednesday. Maybe next week guys!
  11. I'll try and make it. Unless a miracle happens from now till Thursday.
  12. Yea. For the street I'm just gonna get a fog light for my head light. And gotta figure out how to get a tail light on unless I just plastic weld my tail and switch them out for trackdays.
  13. ciRe

    New Bike

    Nice bike. Congrats.
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