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    Anything with GO FAST ability. I have been on and off of race tracks since I was a kid, with different things, go karts, funny cars, drag cars, street customs, motocross, u name, i probably was in it, on it and or raced it. And if I haven't, then damnit what am I waiting for.
  1. I see the discussion has already taken off a bit. My main concern really is I don't know anyone else that rides so it's harder for me to get out. It would be easier if there were rides on the Illinois side i'm sure for those of us that are at Scott. If there was a ride set up and my bike is in shape to go on it, i'll be down for it. I gotta find some peeps to ride with, I have been here for almost a year but the wife was preggo last year so not much riding for me then but it's on now. Just let us know, and i'll be sure to be on the look out for any rides that will come up on this side of the river. Thanks for the consideration.
  2. So, I haven't logged on for a long time, but I figured since I saw you guys at the base yesterday I would jump on and say hi again. It was a great turnout. It was great to see the representation by STLAR there. Hopefully if I pay attention enough this year, I can get some rides in.
  3. Of course you had to be drunk to steal a Solstice...haha... Welcome Lance!!
  4. Welcome home!! Glad you came home safely.
  5. I'm glad that people agree. Now that isn't to say that Men, we shouldn't be educated when it comes to talking to our beautiful women. Always be presentable and respectful. Don't go hollerin like a mule at them and then think that they are going to sleep with you immediately. But just keep in mind this wonderful thing I thought of today...They don't write songs about the good guys out there...Listen to the radio...Who do the ladies sing about...The Bad Boys...Case in point, White Liar by Miranda Lambert...lol...and another song, even guys sing it...All I want to be by Chris Young, He sings about becoming a better man...hmmmm...
  6. Sweet, I will keep an eye out for the details when you post them. I will have a newborn by June so I gotta get one good ride in before the season starts.
  7. I think we should stop and think about this men. Here is what I think about the being busted by the hotties who catch us with our jaws dropped. We are the innovators and the creators of what a "Hot" Girl is. Think about it. Generations have passed where men continue to stare at women, those men before us we call our fathers have provided thier reactions to what they thought was "Hot" and so that look continued to modify itself through changes in hair styles, and "classier" ;) clothes, so they can grab our attention, and as the time continues on, we, the sons grow up and see what our fathers consider hot and change those standards, so then the women continue that change with "classier: ;) clothes such as the Short Shorts. The time and place for certain clothes also changed, So Men, We should not be blamed for our Visual Appreciation of the Other Sex. It is merely an Evolution in time and the Modern Male has such been defined as Innovators, Creators, Definers of the Love and Appreciation we have for our Female counterparts, and we should not be called pigs for this very reason. LOL...Who Agrees!!
  8. That's freakin hilarious...haha...I would totally be right there with ya doin that. It actually brought back a memory of mine when I rode through town up in Minot with a Mullett wig on...It was Epic.
  9. Sounds like a lot of fun on this ride. Wish I could join. My registration is expired on my bike. Gotta wait for the new tags to come in.
  10. I know it's been a long time since I posted last, I still haven't had the chance to actually get out and meet anyone. But I will still do my best to keep in touch and eventually when my life slows down I will come out and visit. So The big news to share anyway is that I'm going to be a Dad. It's exciting. Me and my Wife have been planning for a few months on having a child together and we just found out last week that we were expecting. We had our first Ultra Sound yesterday and it's simply amazing to think that something so small will become a child in a few months. It blows my mind. So, I thought I would share the news and kinda give everyone a heads up on where I have been lately. I do want to add in a few things to this. As the Holidays approach and families make plans to be with each other and your loved ones fight with you as to who is going to what families house for the Holidays...lol...Be sure to take some time out Gents, Take a step back, slow down, Look at your Wife, Girlfriend, Fiance, and Just look at her, Think of all the things that you fell in love with in the beginning, think of all the things that make that person special to you and why, and then, Grab her attention and tell her, you love her, and that you thank her for supporting you and that you appreciate that she is making her sacrifices in life to be with you. I believe that the Generation of Men to make an effort in fixing this world and start appreciating women again. Be sure to get something for them too...I like to bring home Cards for my wife, Most of the time they have all the words I have been looking for to tell her how I feel. Another thing I want to say is Don't forget about our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman this Holiday Season fighting in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. Put them into your prayers or whatever you do and Think about them for a moment. These Men and Women are away from their families, sitting over there praying for them to come home safe so they can see thier Children, Thier Wives, Thier Parents and making that sacrifice to wake up, and fight the Big Fight For us to have a safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season with our Families. I personally know what it's like to be away from Family and Friends over the Holidays, Last Season I was in Afghanistan, and Each day that someone told me they were thinking about me it helped me get through those days. It helps, It makes a Difference...We are Human and our abilities to be something great are Limitless. Thanks everyone who will take the time to look at this. I'm excited about becoming a Father, I look forward to all the horror stories I have heard already. I will be sure to do my best to keep everyone updated on how the Pregnancy goes. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season.
  11. Nice...Thanks...I love Free stuff...Always a good things
  12. Here is how I decide stupid... Take a frying pan, Then Whack yourself in the face really damn hard without a helmet on...Now, take that same frying pan and whack yourself in the face really damn hard with a helmet on...Now tell me...what feels better... Obviously whacking yourself in the face with a frying pan isn't the smartest in the world and probably not something most people would do, so why would you risk riding without a lid when pavement at an average of 70mph is a lot harder then your own strength of whacking yourself in the face with your mom's favorite skillet...lol.
  13. Haha... Yes, Yes you are right, I have already noticed...every day I come home there is a new Idea that I know is going to cost me money...LoL
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