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  1. I was topped in 3rd 135-140 going onto the banking and near that coming off the banking back to turn 1. That's two transitions at high speed although I wasn't looking at the speedometer coming off as I was focused on my line and braking into one so just a guess as to my speed coming off the front straight. I saw 180 indicated a couple times on the straight and 170+ every time. The 520 conversion and sprocket change surely effects that accuracy as well as being leaned over on the smaller circumference side of the tire. So I know it wasn't a true 180 but it's all I've got to work with and report. As far as low traction at NSS, I'm going by my experience and the tire vendors opinion. He says that lots of people complain about traction there. Just my .02 cents. I definitely had tire issues but the track didn't help either. I was only running Pilot Power 2CT's as I've be experimenting with longevity in track tires. This was the 3rd day on these tires. 2 at Barber end of last year where I ran 1:42's on these tires. No traction issues there. Maybe they cooked in those 2 days, definite possibility. I didn't run a timer and didn't even try to estimate my times. I doubt they were that great but I wasn't passed very often. There were 5-10 people there out of ~30 who were clearly faster than me. 10-15 I was clearly faster than. Not trying to bag on a track you seem to like, just giving a ride report. Keep in mind it's free and on the internet so take it for what it's worth........
  2. Pilot power 2CT's for sale 120/70 17 front and 180/55 17 rear Track bike take offs like new 2 days at Barber, 1 day at Nashville Superspeedway, tread nearly new. Maybe 400 miles on them, center tread virtually unused. A great street set or track set for slower advanced rider on down. I'd run them on the street but my street bike takes a 190 and the wifes takes a 160 Available in 2 weeks after I install a new set and get these off the bike. Can deliver to May MCRA at Gateway or easily make other arrangemnets as I'm in the STL area a couple times a month $125 OBO, well under 1/2 price for tires with nearly full street life left Can install and balance for another $40 total, wheels off the bike 618-889-8472 Grant
  3. Great day all in all. positives: Great weather STT is always well run Not a single red flag in advanced ALL DAY, Intermediate was ravaged by squidly actions ~4 of 8 sessions Fun track with some very high speed sections along with very low speed sections so good variety One of the cheapest days in the country @$135 Getting to feel that bizzar Daytona high bank effect we've heard of where the engine revs but not accelerating as you lean over to the smaller circ of the tires edge Seeing 180 indicated on a GSXR 750 (not accurate due to 520/sprocket changes and the inaccuracy of leaning over on smaller side of tire) Seeing 180 indicated while well leaned over Negatives 4 transitions from high bank concrete to infield asphalt and the good line is not very good at the transition so must compromise between good lines and not snapping the forks off when you hit the transition at well over 140mph on 2 of them and hard on the brakes for another Very slick tar strips ALL over the good lines so compromises on lines for that too. Low traction, sliding all over the place Overall fun, glad I did it but won't go back New suspension upgrades were AWESOME but need to go back to race tires as the Pilot Power 2CT's aren't up to even my mediocre pace. Either that or they only made it through 2 days before going off as this was day 3 on them.
  4. Headed down to Nashville tomorrow to dial in the Ohlins TTX and 25ml kit added over the winter!! Running Advanced on Saturday and working with Superbike Italia Ken on the suspension. He installed it over the winter and it's time to finally get some miles on the mods. Advanced is still open on Saturday and I think there's a Int available on the STT forum. Sunday is all open but I'm only running Saturday. Wish me luck and come on down if you can. Hope to run MCRA in May too, see ya'll there Later g 07 GSXR 750
  5. One of the only things I REALLY miss from living in CA is lane splitting!! I made it from the beach to home in bumper to bumper in about an hour after the Red Bull Flugtag on a Saturday that would have EASILY been 3+ hours in a car. Cross town at lunch in 5 minutes instead of 20 since you get to go to the front at every red light. It was AWESOME. You would not believe how easy it is or how much room there usually is between lanes. The mountains were good too................ Other than that, I'll just visit thanks.
  6. I can't see into Mat's head but I respect him for not racing HPT. I think the biggest reason he didn't race was a sense of responsibility to the younger riders coming up and trying to keep up with him (although after watching the last three races he looks semi-retired already). He's talked about making decisions like this for years and been very open about his responsibility as THE premier rider in the sport here in the US. He had a list of tracks at the beginning of the season that he said he would not race wet because they were not safe in the rain. A little grand standing but there's no doubt that US tracks are WAY behind the WSB and GP tracks in safety and he's trying to make a little noise to IMPROVE the sport before he cuts out. Am I a huge fan, hardly!! I can't wait to see him go so there can be some real racing as nobody can touch him and it's been getting boring (yes this season is much improved, speaking more to the last 5 years of the Ben and Mat show).
  7. Looks like he messed with the wrong hot head looney Parrish is no stranger to Jeffersonville police http://www.newsandtribune.com/clarkcounty/..._193104549.html
  8. Not very long though?? Good replys and of the sort I was hoping for. Think twice, especially if you know people are watching and you are doing something because people are watching. Wear gear Think twice before twisting
  9. I'm running intermediate on the ZX10 (god help me) because a very good friend is flying up from S Carolina to ride too and chose the sensible bike, the track prepped GSXR750. Maybe I'll try to bump to advanced and stick with the infinitely more $$crashable$$ 750? I'm actually looking forward to riding the 10 on the track but for some reason have some trepidition too Colleen is riding too on the 750 in Novice Anyone know if garages are still available?? Who to talk to about such things?? G
  10. Maybe this has been shown but there are some good lessons to be learned in these vids Be forwarned, graphic and I know some of these people didn't ever make it home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq88hQufv4I
  11. Hey all, gotta pay down the note on the new ZX10 so my sweet heart of a ZX12 has gotta go basics: 2003 bought new by me, 13,100 miles, needs nothing, couple minor blemishes but clean bike, details @ http://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/20...ZX-12R-95453518 Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions on my cycle trader add please feel free to point out anything that turns you off or details I should add Grant
  12. If I had 1/2 of Spies talent I'd be a complete ASS. I find him quite humble for his huge achievements. He's winning on tracks he's seeing for the first time and beating a field that's 10 times deeper than AMA. Yah, I'd be intollerable!!
  13. 1, roll off the throttle to at least neutral if not negetive throttle to let the rear grip and not upset the chassis as it grips, doesn't, grips again, etc as you roll over uneven/upsetting conditions 2, stay light on the bars so the front wheel can work the unevenness of the event. A death grip which is likely to occur anytime we get freaked is VERY counter productive to surviving the freaking event!! The front end can't do it's job if you don't let it. When in doubt a light grip and as little weight on the bars will improve traction and handling. 3, going too far to the inside, too early in the corner, is likely to take you too wide on the exit so expect to run off. Stand up, brake hard and then do not touch the throttle or brakes once in the grass. Stop. Re-enter the track SLOWLY 4, if running off is not an option??? A low side on the brakes beats any other option. Scrub off as much speed as you can on the brakes and turn in as best you can. All situations are different and the same answer can't always be correct but those 4 points come to mind from what I know of your event. Best of luck getting the bike back together. Grant
  14. Anyone know who was taking photos at Gateway June 6th? Colleen was hoping to get a couple. Looks like alsphoto.com did it before but I don't see anything up yet (yah I know it's early, just wanna make sure I'm looking at the right site while we wait)?? Great seeing Paul, Kevin, Amy, Mike and all the rest of ya out there. We're definitely going to ride one if not both of the remaining Gateway dates and hope to meet more STLAR'ers next time. Later Grant
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