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    K3 Gsx-r 600 CRG levers , Yosh Trs system, PCIII, Woodcraft pedals, SS Brake lines.
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  1. monkey_wrench

    Dumb question

    I didn't over fill I topped it off right to the "UPPER" line, but once the diaphragm was inserted it displaced the fluid above the "UPPER" line. A coworker told me this is normal and is to prevent the entrance of air into the master cylinder, but I would still like a second opinion. I fully bled the brakes twice so there is no air in the system, and as I said before the brakes function flawlessly just looking at the reservoir, bugs me.
  2. monkey_wrench

    Dumb question

    So I recently flushed my brakes. I topped the level off and when I reinserted the diaphragm i noticed that this put the level above the upper limit line. Is this normal? I have put a few hundred miles on the bike since and just was wondering there is no dragging or anything odd. First post in awhile been a little busy's all.
  3. monkey_wrench

    IXS jackets and five gloves

    no I saw the gear in a shop, the five gloves at cycle gear, and the IXS jacket at a dealership.
  4. monkey_wrench

    IXS jackets and five gloves

    I have been shopping around for a leather jacket and some gauntlets. I have been looking at Joe rocket, alpinestars, and Dainese as well as Frank thomas. I came across a company called IXS and FIVE. They make jackets and gloves largely in Europe. I am wondering if any of you have heard of them or own anything by them. They have a pretty nice jacket for right around 300 but I don't want to buy from some no name company.
  5. monkey_wrench

    Return of the "Thursday Night Riders"

    I 'd be down for this I used to live right in that area, so this would be pretty fun.
  6. monkey_wrench

    Different Bike Nite 6-18-2009

    +1 I have been there twice and trying to get service is like pullin teeth from a pit bull so I might just have to check rookies out.
  7. monkey_wrench

    First Time To Fast Eddys

    I get that saturday off so i am down.
  8. monkey_wrench

    Bixby run Sat May 23

    Appreciate you guys letting me tag along at my speed. Wish I could've stuck it out but it's not for me this time maybe later.
  9. monkey_wrench

    Bixby run Sat May 23

    Can I talk one of you guys into making me a copy of that google maps route. The bitch at the library shut the computers down 30 minutes early so i couldn't print. if not i 'll just ride blind i guess.
  10. monkey_wrench

    Bixby run Sat May 23

    gotcha, Yeah i just wanted to pack a sammich of some sort but I might just shove the water bottle in the undertail and pull of at a gas station for food then. Also what route arre you all planning on running I would like to print a map off.
  11. monkey_wrench

    Bixby run Sat May 23

    I would like to show for this run how long does it usually take you guys? I am wondering if i need to throw some stuff in my backpack for the day or not.
  12. monkey_wrench

    riding tommorrow

    yeah but the guy i am riding with is new to area and He has ridden 94 before and is more comfortable there. I just might try to talk him into hitting W though i think he would enjoy it.
  13. monkey_wrench

    My new backyard Pet

    nice my buddy in KC had one that size as a pet he fed him mice and goldfish, was awesome to watch him eat.
  14. monkey_wrench

    riding tommorrow

    Me and an English buddy of mine are gonna be hittin 94 up tomorrow sometime after 5pm. if you happen to be out that way.
  15. monkey_wrench

    New STLAR

    I would like to make it, I might be able to drop by if it's before 8pm but i have to work from 830pm to 830 am.