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    K3 Gsx-r 600 CRG levers , Yosh Trs system, PCIII, Woodcraft pedals, SS Brake lines.
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  1. Dumb question

    I didn't over fill I topped it off right to the "UPPER" line, but once the diaphragm was inserted it displaced the fluid above the "UPPER" line. A coworker told me this is normal and is to prevent the entrance of air into the master cylinder, but I would still like a second opinion. I fully bled the brakes twice so there is no air in the system, and as I said before the brakes function flawlessly just looking at the reservoir, bugs me.
  2. Dumb question

    So I recently flushed my brakes. I topped the level off and when I reinserted the diaphragm i noticed that this put the level above the upper limit line. Is this normal? I have put a few hundred miles on the bike since and just was wondering there is no dragging or anything odd. First post in awhile been a little busy's all.
  3. IXS jackets and five gloves

    no I saw the gear in a shop, the five gloves at cycle gear, and the IXS jacket at a dealership.
  4. IXS jackets and five gloves

    I have been shopping around for a leather jacket and some gauntlets. I have been looking at Joe rocket, alpinestars, and Dainese as well as Frank thomas. I came across a company called IXS and FIVE. They make jackets and gloves largely in Europe. I am wondering if any of you have heard of them or own anything by them. They have a pretty nice jacket for right around 300 but I don't want to buy from some no name company.
  5. Return of the "Thursday Night Riders"

    I 'd be down for this I used to live right in that area, so this would be pretty fun.
  6. Different Bike Nite 6-18-2009

    +1 I have been there twice and trying to get service is like pullin teeth from a pit bull so I might just have to check rookies out.
  7. First Time To Fast Eddys

    I get that saturday off so i am down.
  8. Bixby run Sat May 23

    Appreciate you guys letting me tag along at my speed. Wish I could've stuck it out but it's not for me this time maybe later.
  9. Bixby run Sat May 23

    Can I talk one of you guys into making me a copy of that google maps route. The bitch at the library shut the computers down 30 minutes early so i couldn't print. if not i 'll just ride blind i guess.
  10. Bixby run Sat May 23

    gotcha, Yeah i just wanted to pack a sammich of some sort but I might just shove the water bottle in the undertail and pull of at a gas station for food then. Also what route arre you all planning on running I would like to print a map off.
  11. Bixby run Sat May 23

    I would like to show for this run how long does it usually take you guys? I am wondering if i need to throw some stuff in my backpack for the day or not.
  12. riding tommorrow

    yeah but the guy i am riding with is new to area and He has ridden 94 before and is more comfortable there. I just might try to talk him into hitting W though i think he would enjoy it.
  13. My new backyard Pet

    nice my buddy in KC had one that size as a pet he fed him mice and goldfish, was awesome to watch him eat.
  14. riding tommorrow

    Me and an English buddy of mine are gonna be hittin 94 up tomorrow sometime after 5pm. if you happen to be out that way.
  15. New STLAR

    I would like to make it, I might be able to drop by if it's before 8pm but i have to work from 830pm to 830 am.