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  1. littleone4

    Dirt Riding Group?

    Thanks DrJ! I guess I was the topic of this post.. haha. So here I am, dying to ride and nowhere to go! Soon hopefully!!
  2. littleone4

    New to STL...

    Thanks!! Can't wait to get out and go riding!!
  3. littleone4

    New to STL...

    Hello! My name is Lauren... I am new to STL, kinda, haven't lived here for about 10 years. Moved back last fall and haven't rode much so I'm dying to get out there. I mainly ride dirt now and looking for some people to go ride with. I have a 2005 CRF 150 and a 2005 CRF 50. I love riding trails as much as possible. I used to have a 2004 CBR600RR but it was stolen, assholes. So I'm looking to get a new streetbike soon. I rode quads for years, then switched to bikes and now I'm hooked. Anyone going riding let me know I'll prolly join!