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  1. Gary, I can help with the poison ivy but not after it starts to turn into blisters. When you know you have contact with it get in the shower within 2 or 3 hours and wash with Dawn dish washing liquid full strenth. It will remove all of the oils that carry the poison you may get a few bumps but it will be very minor. I get that stuff really bad but this works everytime. Even if you think you came in contact with it use the Dawn, it's the only one that works. After the sores started I have to go to the doctor and get steroids to stop it. Pops
  2. I fired AT&T ( I hate speed controls) and got on Sprint. I got an iPhone 4S and that thing is great so far, I have a Hotspot and i have a new laptop to download the GoPro into. Be AFRAID of me with this kind of power, I might launch some type of aircraft by mistake!!!!!
  3. I can open the site with this one. Its been so long do I need I need to go to the Intro Section? Pops
  4. That's great Mike I hope you can hold it together until you trade it off!! Pops
  5. We had our stuff at the Wide Open Show last weekend, it was a good show the M109R took 2nd in metric custom. I only had a few insults from Harley guys but none of them wanted to get a lane and race. All in all it was a good way to spend a cold weekend. I joined ABATE Mo. at the show, with the governments of this country starting to take away more and more of our freedoms directly supporting the motorcycle lobby in Mo. seemed to be a no-brainer. I told Tony to contact the site and maybe come to a meeting and explain what they are doing for the riders.
  6. Happy Birthday Dom!!! You should ride today I'm out allready!
  7. Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe and let's have a fun riding season this year. This years road trip is to Avon Co. Time to get out the maps and start planning!!!!!
  8. Merry Christmas everyone and stay safe!!!!
  9. Thanks everyone, wow I'm older than dirt!!!!
  10. Happy birthday Bob, see you on the River Road!
  11. We can only hope for a place to test. It's hard to set these on kill for raceday with no testing.
  12. I'm so happy for you two. Did you find a sidecar yet?
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