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    my interests other than all the surronding subjects of motorcycles. . are cars, bmx bike riding(mostly flatland), snowboarding any time and place i get a chance, music is huge,eating delicious food, movies, art( creating and going to see others art), having a safety meeting with my friends every now and then, and also my dog zeppelin i guess. he is a 90 pound weimeraner(not fat) ha

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    1997 gsx-r 750 2009 ducati 848 in pearle kawasaki KDX 200 2-stroke
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  1. duc848

    Sunday Sept 11 ride

    im home. only aired it up twice and it barely needed any...... boring though.
  2. duc848

    Sunday Sept 11 ride

    i think i can actually make this one! ill be there, just might have to split back from bixby.
  3. duc848

    Anyone riding Saturday?

    G Aww that's so sweet Dan. I will be on some rides this year. Took a season away from the groups. But ben's bored
  4. duc848

    Anyone riding Saturday?

    Ha ha that was me!! I was on a solo ride and went to bixby for lunch. after my giant bixby hot dog i headed back through potosi and like he said eventually picked up a couple riding buddies. I was doin the relaxed but quick ride today, but pulled out some stretches of next level skills for the new friends on my tail. :-)
  5. i will come if the rain stays away.li
  6. hope you get well soon dave. who cares what the doc says, i know you got a 3 month recovery in there somewhere!
  7. haha yeah i thought about stitching "back off!" across the shoulders off my leathers, instead of my last name. oh and also to those who dont know me, i dont have a duc848. ;
  8. i will be there. gotta change my oil and wash it. to all riders who dont know me, please watch how close you ride to the back of someone. and ride your own pace we will have people in the back you wont be left behind.
  9. duc848

    Rider Down

    im very sorry to hear the way things turned out. i never want to see any one loaded and taken away. it left nothing but riding slowly home for the day. if you guys want to figure out a landmark for that turn, tommy has a video from my bike that day, i was just in front of him so you can look around and see if there is any thing destinguishable.
  10. ill be there. still weary of group rides since someone hit th duc. but ill try hangin back.
  11. duc848

    Reasons people voted...

    im one of the people who didnt vote because i was uneducated of the candidates. i hate politics and politiciains even though they run our country. so i have never voted due to not caring. some may not agree with this method but... some people say my one vote could have made a difference, but i say if my vote was UNNEDUCATED i could be the one vote that makes the WRONG difference.
  12. duc848

    Saturday Nov. 21

    my cousin and i are meeting you guys in south county but driving seperate.
  13. duc848

    The next off road ride

    if you guys go because the weather looks to be dry.... i will go as well
  14. duc848

    Gran Turismo

    got gt3 and gt4 for ps2. the reason i am so eagerly waiting for gt5 is because how good it is will determine wether i get a ps3 or a 360 so i can play the amazing forza.
  15. duc848

    Happy Birthday, maverick!

    happy birthday buddy!!!!!!