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  1. tfs32

    New R1

    Yamaha's US site list them at the prices Kirk posted. $16,490 for the base and $21,990 for the R1M. I want them to bring back the R7
  2. tfs32

    New R1

    What's a rear brake?
  3. tfs32

    New R1

    Why 43mm forks? That sticks out in my head. Trying to make it lighter? 438 pounds wet is still Heavy.
  4. tfs32

    New R1

    In race trim she will be beautiful. I must have one...
  5. I like the GNO sliders myself. Currently have Klucky pucks and they're ok at best
  6. What's a rear brake? I only use it in the dirt. That is a cool picture or Robbie, I'm too fat and too beat up from motocross to be able to try that
  7. Temperature is more important than pressure for sure. If you think of it this way, like I said about the power 3 getting greasy, why does it do that? Well there is too much pressure in the tire and it can't cool it's self off. Same concept with cold. If the tire can build the heat required to get the pressure up why would you lower it to make it build more pressure? It will always build pressure, if you start low it takes longer to get where it needs to be to help get the temp needed to make the rubber work.
  8. Dave Moss has been kicked out of every AMA paddock he has ever been a part of. Take his advice with a grain of salt. When a tire gets too hot it will feel greasy, the feeling is the rubber basically melting on itself. Pressure will depend on the track and temperature this weekend. If it's cooler you start a little higher since the tire won't build heat which you need it to do to gain the pressure needed. Sometimes, like with pirelli, you might run it 5-7 PSI higher than recommend to get it to build the temperature needed to make the compound work.
  9. While the power 3 is a low end hypersport tire, it does have its flaws let's say. It does tend to over heat, they used similar compounds as the pure, which if you tracked you would find it got a little greasy once it warmed up. The temps this weekend tell me it will be an ok tire to run, but keep a very close eye on the pressure.
  10. I do have them, and am bringing them along with some that are captive for you ;) I just picked them up from my guy last week. Sorry it took so long, both him and I are doing this in spare time. Thanks again!!!
  11. I decided to just get really sick.....I'll be there Friday, James has all my stuff along with my bicycle
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