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  1. had a friend go through this, modot will pay for a fix if the problem was reported previously and it wasnt fixed, but probably not worth the effort it would take to get it fixed.
  2. pix of the helmet? How old is it? If its easier email them to me. My username@gmail.com
  3. Back in Cali for a while, ill try to catch up with you next time
  4. what part of town are you in? Im in town till sunday, wouldnt mind taking a look
  5. Wouldnt that qualify as entrapment?
  6. everyone keeps saying no changes ... has anyone seen specs on the power train? How about on the electronics? I havent seen either, hardly seems safe to say no changes without those...
  7. interested but i wont be home for a while, might be able to take a look on the 28th if you still have it
  8. I like the locking personally, it gives me a lot more feel for how well im tightening them down I love my canyon dancers, but I've had bad experiences with the newer type that have cups that fit over the bar ends. I know several people (myself included) that have bent or pushed in bar ends with them
  9. Appreciated the tow around the track... had a damn good time doing it! and the laptimer
  10. SOLD! Picked it up yesterday Thanks again
  11. probly not worth the drive but youre welcome to use mine
  12. Mine are getting low, we can swap and ill break yours in for ya :whistling:
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