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  1. INLINE3 rider

    A few thoughts on speedometer calibration

    As someone has mentioned, tire circumference/wear/brands will all have an effect too. Here's a handy site that has mucho information for you to check out too..... http://www.gearingcommander.com/ A lot of bikes are already loaded. Then you can find your ratios (stock vs modified, etc....) and get your percentage differences to plug and play with. As a side note, not sure about your R6, but making this adjustment on the Sprint also affects the milage readout too! (Unfortunately)
  2. Hmm... think I may try and make this. Not 100% sure I will be able to. Hope to see you guys at the QT.
  3. INLINE3 rider

    So apparently American Honda

    Hey Mike, give a thought to Deka batteries. Came highly recommended to me and mine has been excellent. Even survived the failed RR trip from Bixby back to home. Still going strong. Can get them locally at the link below (Dorsett and 270 area). Plus, price there was excellent. Electro Battery https://plus.google.com/117280134482694444496/about?gl=us&hl=en#117280134482694444496/about Kev
  4. INLINE3 rider

    Wheel Repair

    Hmm... pretty sure this was the place I took mine to. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists Inc of St Louis (636) 825-1955 http://www.awrsstlouis.com/ 310 Marshall Rd, Valley Park, MO 63088 I think they also went by StL Wheel Repair. HOWEVER, I'm not sure they are still in business! That sucks!! My rim was not quite as bad as yours, but very similar with just the edge bent. They were able to straighten it out and I have not had an issue. They did have to remove the paint/powdercoat in that section and they were going to attempt to match. I told them not to worry about it because I was going to polish the outer section of the wheel anyways. I don't know if that owner has a new shop/business or not. Was a little hole-in-the-wall place. If I get a chance I can roll by there sometime and check it out. Or, maybe Sue and the crew at No-Mar knows where that business went or a new suggestion. I know it was A LOT cheaper than a new rim! Kevin
  5. INLINE3 rider

    Early July 4th ride?

    Jason, on the recommendation from Sue at NoMar, I tried a shop in Valley Park that straightened out my rim that had a bend similar to yours (although mine was slightly smaller that that). Way cheaper than buying new. Looked great and I have had no issues. Of course if you're after the carbon wheels, well,........nevermind! Let me know if you want me to try and find the info on the place again.
  6. INLINE3 rider

    Hot @$$ Bixby Run - 7/1

    I have no experience with Surdyke. Couldn't say one way or the other. We just went there cuz we were bored and figured we'd see whatever their 'bike night' was about. Wasn't really much of a night really.
  7. INLINE3 rider

    Hot @$$ Bixby Run - 7/1

    Crash, thanks for the pic of the Sprint! Not too often does it make the 'show'. I actually don't have too many pics of it myself. I do have this one recently....... yes, my Sprint is there somewhere......
  8. INLINE3 rider

    Hot @$$ Bixby Run - 7/1

    Home here and trying to cool off...... Thanks for the ride guys. Nice seeing everyone and meeting some new faces. Sorry if I held up that last of our group on the way back to QT. Man I was spent..
  9. INLINE3 rider

    Hot @$$ Bixby Run - 7/1

    John and I will be joining in. We may have to cut out early like Drake. See you guys at QT in the morning!
  10. INLINE3 rider

    Cycle Gear Bike Night.....who's going?

    Planning on going tonight (got to pick up something I ordered anyways). John is probably going with me also. Hope the weather holds---latest sounds to be really just spot rain and sounds more likely south of StL.
  11. INLINE3 rider

    Ride Sunday 10/9

    Thanks for the tip re: zx6r. Are those the FH011 or the FH012? I know both will work, but the Sprint guys typically use FH012. Now that everyone is figuring out the MOFSETS are the 'bees knees' it's harder to "score" a good deal!! I'm aware of the Yamaha's that have the ones I'm after, but didn't know the ZX6r. Thanks! BTW, if I end up getting permission to repost it, I'll try to bring over an excellent troubleshooting flowchart to our forum here. It's one I plan to use very soon!
  12. INLINE3 rider

    Ride Sunday 10/9

    Yep, VERY well aware of the MOFSET upgrade. I follow TriumphRAT also and there are some very good/excellent write-ups there too. Thanks for the offer on the voltmeter. Got one of those. I just haven't performed the MOFSET upgrade yet, still waiting to snag a good deal on one. To be honest, I *think* my charging system is working fine. Never had an issue before (but that means nothing). Like Rick said, since it made it all the way back from Bixby to StL, it had to be putting out a steady/decent power supply, although I did pull the headlight fuses to convserve. The only time I noticed I had a problem was when I clutched and was pulling into the store. Bike died. That was different from when my first stock battery went bad. When that happend, the bike ran EXTREMELY crappy. I literally thought I dropped a cylinder. This time, coming home , the bike ran strong and fine (I just didn't stop or let revs drop just to be sure). Will still have to check. Sure the battery is toast now though, regardless. Sprint 1050's are EXTREMELY sensitive to sub par voltage and it doesn't help that the battery is too small to begin with stock. Since it ran ok home, I'm crossing fingers that charging and RR hard parts are ok. I'm leaning more to some kind of short or loose/bad connection. I've read about some T riders having some connectors that corroded. Will have to check that out. Plus, will check the ground wire/mount. In addition, oddly enough, my ABS dash light lit up at the start of today. Then didn't come on again thru the day at various restarts. But is on again now as pulled into the house. So, something squirrely might be going on there---maybe a loose/shorting sensor? Wasn't worried about it as I still have full braking (as designed), just no ABS when illuminated. I don't think the ABS systemt was a cause, but maybe a result of having bad/low electrical supply. My blinkers started flashing at varying rates at different times. Only mod I have there is Rizoma LED rears. I did buy a electronic flasher relay to replace the mechanical one. That solves the normal *fast* flash rate of switching to LED blinkers. So, maybe that relay or system has a problem. Lastly, I built a completely dedicated headlight circuit for when I upgraded to HID's. Thus, headlights are completely OUTSIDE of the normal bike harness and wiring. I will have to check out that circuit too and see if I have a problem there since that could be a possible source too. All VERY FUN, no??
  13. INLINE3 rider

    Ride Sunday 10/9

    Well, the Sprint made it home! Thanks everyone for the patience at Bixby Store with me getting the bike jump started. Hopefully it is just the battery, but I'm not too convinced of that. I think something else is going on.........guess I'll be tearing into it this week. I've had a pretty shitty weekend and was hoping the ride would clear it all up. Nearly tucking the front end and losing all my confidence after that, then the bike going into shut down mode at the store didn't cheer my spirits any. Otherwise, thanks everyone and it was nice to get out with a good group of guys!
  14. INLINE3 rider

    Entertaining a slipon for the GSX-R

    Kinda agree with Ray. Seen some nice Leo Vince stuff, but that pipe reminds me of those segmented worms we had to dissect in biology.......
  15. INLINE3 rider

    Entertaining a slipon for the GSX-R

    Ummm........ you know where I'm gonna go with this Gary......... don't forget Ixil! Ixil 2010 catalog Take your pick of a few different systems it looks like (although you'd have to verify for 2011) The dual Hyperflow setup looks pretty sweet, but that particular system sounds pretty loud from a clip or two I found. Maybe go for the more "traditional" slip ons from Ixil though! Kev