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  1. I finally started to restore my old 1980 GS1100. I still have a ways to go but it should be running before long. Note the low exit pipe. This was around in 1980! Talk about loud Yoshimura 1140 Piston Kit Yoshimura full exhaust Oil Cooler Vance Hines varios engine parts Mikuni Smooth Bore Carbs GS1000S handlebars Koni shocks Fork Brace Aftermarket brake rotors
  2. Hello Shawn, If performance is what you are looking for consider this: Full vs slip on. For real HP gains full is the way but you will need a PC3 or other to see the power gain. Slip ons will drop weight and provide mid range improvement. Look for Dyno data for the exhaust and compare. Look at what the fast non factory or privateer race guys use (like Hooters, Corona). If looks is your primary goal, take a look at the Powercommander website and see if they have a map available. Regards,
  3. Hello Shawn, I would probably go with a set of carbon Yoshimura cans myself. There are some great deals now on full Ti-Force systems like mine, check out: http://www.hardracing.com/Exhaust%20Systems/TiForce.htm Really recommend getting a Powercommander also if you go full system to get the most out of it. Not as important with slip ons. Regards,
  4. Welcome Shawn, I have a 2007 GSXR1000 with a lot of mods that work well. I would be glad to share info with you. Steve S
  5. Welcome Jordan, I am new to STLAR myself. Good folks
  6. MJ should have seen this coming Farrah, very sad but she held up bravely. RIP to both.
  7. Thi is my Business Partner/Roomate's bike. I set up the suspension and installed the mods. I will ride this from time to time.
  8. Jacob busted me. I did hold out on my old 1980 GS1100 which was my hot rod when I was a kid in Michigan (the silver one). It has about 90K miles on it. It has been all over the Rocky Mountains, across Canada and everywhere in Michigan. It has a Yoshimura 1140 kit, full race Yosh exhaust, Mikuni smooth bores and more. It needs a lot of work after being stashed in a shed in SC for few years. The black one is a parts bike.
  9. Sorry, would not allow Excel sheet. Here is a pdf Suspension_setup_form.pdf
  10. Hello all, I have attached an article that my Dad published for the HSTA guys in Michigan. Suspension setup is the single most important factor other than tires. Suspension_Setup_2007.pdf
  11. Hey there Eric! We were really lucky and did not get rained on, only wet roads.
  12. It was actually due overcooking it going into a corner and grabbing a handfull of front brake. The 97 CBR600RR front brake pads are very grabby. He did a major high side over the shrubs. Almost broke his collar bone. The Germans have never seen such twisty roads before.
  13. I have only gone for one loop down 185 from Sullivan, rode around the Bixby area with my riding buddy Jacob. Once south of Petosi where I notice the soil turns to red clay (just like back home) the roads are pretty decent. High speed sweepers however a lot of access points which make the high speed stuff dangerous. I would say it is pretty decent, way better that most states I have been to except for wheer I moved from. The HSTA guys do a ride down this way every year which says a lot. I look forward to more exploration, down Arkansas way also I hope. Regards,
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