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  1. The successor to the naked SV650, a 2009 Suzuki Gladius owned by a friend of mine is going up for sale. The bike is in good condition, never laid down, never dogged, or ridden hard. He commuted to work a couple times, but was scared off by the drivers on highway 70, the price isn't "too" negotiable as i think he's in it for nearly that much still, just a matter of getting out from the payments and letting someone else ride the bike. Craigslist ad: http://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/1685703996.html
  2. Welcome to SVR, great group. I've unfortunately missed a couple of things already this season (to much else on my plate) but can't wait to get out on some group rides....Be safe learning to ride, ride at your own pace, never feel pressured to keep up, and most of all, enjoy yourself . Welcome to the group.
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum. Lots of good guys/gals here, and some fun rides as well. I had been looking for a cheap CB to buy and fix up (maybe cafe, maybe just paint, and ride, who knows) but have also been exploring some other options, old goldwings (nakeds) etc...We'll see what the wife lets me buy. You sir, have a nice looking ride, and i'd definitely rock that to get off the SV every now and then. Hope to see you at some rides this season. Ride safe!
  4. I think riding to work is very different than the group rides, and as such presents a very different type of dangers and hazards. More dangerous, eh, that probably depends on how the individual commutes to work, and how hard they push themselves in the "sport" ride. When i was wanting a leisurely stroll into the city for work, i'd leave about 5:15am, and go down olive to skinker, then take forest park parkway into the CWE, and market into downtown....But the route started right where his ended....RIP.
  5. This is less than a mile from my apartment. I actually walked outside to go to work not even minutes after the accident, heard the police and fire trucks leaving the station, but i had no idea what happened. That route towards the city on olive is a route i normally take early in the mornings, but i'm at work by 6am, and if i'm taking that route, i have to be out of the place by 5:15 at the latest to make it to work on time, all other times i take the highway...It's a bad way to start the riding season, everyone be safe out there...
  6. gah, some things came up on my end, won't be able to make it...have fun everyone.
  7. should be free, so i'm gonna try to make this one.
  8. yeh galen, had a good time. The camera is a crappy sony cybershot 7.2 MP...just a basic point and shoot, but it works till i can afford something better...
  9. Bunch of cowboys i tell ya. Here's some more photos from the ride...no photos of the "talkin" to though. whoops.
  10. Thanks everyone for another fun ride...Glad everyone was able to be safe, and the "hooligans" didn't get you boys put in the slammer...Cya on the next one, or meeting night.
  11. welcome to the board, it won't be quite as warm of a winter season as say, riding in houston....But if you dress the part, im sure you can manage through it.
  12. actually, think i've heard more about this on Fox news than any of the "mainstream" media...PS, why has fox isolated themselves as not being "mainstream"...still think cnn is the most "neutral" side here, Fox tends to lean pretty far right, and MSN seems to hide out somewhere way the hell left....But i'd still believe they're not so "not mainstream" as theymake themselves out to be.
  13. I'm hoping to give it a go, so i'll add myself to the list. 1. maverick 2. Ray 3. bud 4. redrider67 5. eternalodyssey 6. galenb 7. metalcoffin 8. ciRe 9. DrJ 10. Poppa Quicktime 11. ibkevman 12. kawboy 13. j3ff 14. tfs32 15. SpecialKae +1 16. Grusome 17. Flynavyj
  14. sorry i missed, didn't read the post till today, and by then, it was too late...sad that i was free also.
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