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  1. 1fastkaw

    New to STLAR

    Welcome to the board Kenny!! There's some good guys on here that you'll have fun with... We need to go play on B again, real soon!
  2. 1fastkaw

    5/29/17 Bixby Bound for lunch

    Might see you down there sir.... we are starting a bit later but heading that direction
  3. 1fastkaw

    Bike Nights????

    We used to do one of ours at Show Mes in St. Charles.... big patio and decent parking right in front of the restaurant
  4. Where are you located? I might go back out for a bit...
  5. Damn.... it looks like this ride could've gotten interesting.....
  6. 1fastkaw

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you guys!! I had a pretty good day with a nice dinner with the wife.
  7. 1fastkaw

    High beam during the day

    I've always ridden with the high beams in during the day
  8. 1fastkaw

    Friday Hooky ride

    Damn.... I'm have an appointment at 9, so I can't make it... but i think I'll be out Saturday and Sunday morning
  9. Held gloves FTMFW!! Feel free to try mine on, if you'd like to get spoiled
  10. I'd never ride a cruiser on a Bixby run with this group... I have access to a GSXR 750... LOL
  11. Can I ride on the back?!? Lol I'd go, but I'm broke at the moment.... be safe
  12. 1fastkaw

    Dave's Auto Glass

    Dave is my windshield guy as well... good, quick, and reliable service!
  13. 1fastkaw

    Riding this weekend?

    I'm doing a slow Harley paced ride, due to me riding a Harley, to Hermann on Saturday...
  14. 1fastkaw

    MotoGP/MotoAmerica at COTA

    I might be in for Bobbys Place