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  1. i do need both but im sure i could pick up just the tank if i had to. thanks
  2. i am needing a air shifter for my GSXR1000K5... any brand really but would like a MPS if possible.. Thanks Joe
  3. well i wear between a 32-34 but anything really bc they are just for looks ill make them work... stupid rule u cant go over 125 without leather pants
  4. i am in need of some leathers i can wear when i race... i would like them to be cheap or free if possible... if they have been down and messed up even better.. all they are is for visual when im drag racing... thanks JOE
  5. does anyone know where they post pics from the drag races they have at gateway??
  6. ya it was me and grote, we both couldnt believe what was going on... crazy times... hopefully nothing like that happens again.. just proves how bad people on motorcycles get profiled.... we are "all" the same.. yaaa right. . .
  7. oh i know it happens and everyone does it, but there is a time and place for everything
  8. So the other night when me and my friend were leaving bike night we got on 70 heading back to IL.. we hit some pretty serious traffic like im sure some of you guys did... well about 10 mins of sitting in traffic we start to see bikes riding over on the shoulder but we choose not to... all of a sudden a cop gets behind me and my friend and hits his lights.. its only one lane open so we pull over to get out of the way... well the cop just stops behind us.... at this point im thinking why in the world are we getting pulled over... i turn my bike off, hit the kick stand out and step off... this is where i about piss myself.. i turn around the the cop is standing there with gun out pointing at us... as soon as i see this i put my hands on top of my helmet... he told us to keep our hands up and walk over to his car and put our hand on his car... we do so and he pats us down... within two mins 15-20 cop cars show up, i was telling myself im going to jail but i dont even know whats going on... they shut down 70 and were making everyone take the exit ramp bc all the cop cars that came to assist.... they get our info and run us, we come back clean... they then asked what we were doing and we told them about bike night... they gave us our things back and told us to go on... wow what a night.......... in other words if you are one of the dumb ferks running from the cops and doing things you shouldnt it needs to stop.. you're making everyone look bad. . . .
  9. Went to Quicktime to have some work done today. They had me in and out in no time, top notch shop. Will be back in the near future, wouldnt take my bike anywhere else. these guys are great at what they do!!!
  10. SWEET, i am working swings this week but i will come in a little early when days is turning in! I am riding to quicktime tomorrow afternoon to slam my bike!! i cant wait to hit up the drags... did you happen to make it to bike night last thursday. it was a good time for sure
  11. I am needed a front fender for my gsxr 1000 2005... Let me know thanks joe
  12. just got home.. it was crazy packed.. had a hell of a time!!
  13. ill be there on my gsxr 1000 and my friend on his sv1000
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