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  1. MadOzodi

    Happy Birthday Gary

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  2. Gzus H, I can't even remember the last time I was at Rookie's...this is gonna be one boring ass drive.
  3. BTW, could Kirk still use a shower chair and toilet chair? Cuz I have both. If so, I'll bring 'em to the meeting. So, someone who visits Kirk a lot will have to cage it to pick 'em up. Unless... Hey Tom, you prolly live closest to me and we can work something out.
  4. MadOzodi

    Fundraising for Maverick

    I should be @ GMP most of Saturday and part of Sunday.
  5. I'm out. I've got an issue with the starter on my car; with which Terry is more than familiar and of which he is keenly aware. While the chances of the car not starting are slim, there's no way I'm gonna tempt fate while being so far from home. Howzabout I just visit the next monthly meeting? Do you guys still have them?
  6. I'm 50/50. If I do go, there's a good chance I'll turn around and go home once we hit Potosi. The more I think about passing my Hwy P and Hwy WW (can't even remember if that was one of them) crash sites, the less I want to go...even though I'll be in a cage and I pilot cages a hell of a lot better than I ever piloted a motorcycle.
  7. MadOzodi

    Need ZX10R help...

    Todd, I'll never forget you approaching the MCRA booth @ the show trying to hide a huge grin behind the buyer's remorse face.
  8. MadOzodi

    What's up...

    Leg is straight! Edited the mistake in my OP, ha! Good thing I don't ride anymore, huh? Unless asked, I'll spare everyone the details of the 4.5hr out-patient procedure.
  9. MadOzodi

    Get well Rick (sniper)!

    Yeah...he definitely didn't need that add-on.
  10. MadOzodi

    What's up...

    Hopefully, after I've recovered from this upcoming operation, my right leg will be aligned correctly (straight) from hip to ankle. At that point, the cane should be history!
  11. MadOzodi

    What's up...

    Hey everyone, Hope all's well with the club. Sorry to hear about Rick...I know all too well how difficult the recovery process is. I almost wish I could have been at the surgery to look over the surgeon's shoulder and yell at them to make sure they didn't miss anything. As for me, I have my 4th surgery scheduled, ironically, exactly one year from the date of the track accident. Not a day goes by that I don't miss riding. I'll have much less hardware after this one, but still enough where the risk is still too great for me to get back on motorcycle. Anyway, just thought I'd stop by... Peace & Rubber Side Up DOWN!
  12. MadOzodi

    Get well Rick (sniper)!

    Rick just posted on FB that he's got a fractured left shoulder blade.
  13. I'll be there...and for the first time as long as I can remember, not before 7am!!! You know where to find me...and if you don't, just look for the short guy with a limp and a cane.
  14. MadOzodi

    Get well Bill!

    Positive recovery & healing vibes being sent Bill's way...