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  1. First Responders Course!!!

    Amy, I tried sending you a PM but I kept getting an error so I don't know if you got em but if not...can you email me a copy of the power point from the first responders course? I regret not getting to go but would love to see what was in it. thanks a bunch. Brian bulldog51981@aol.com
  2. STLAR Spring Ride to Hermann

    I've never met either of you (as far as I know) but none the less very sorry to hear about anyone in this kind of accident. My wishes are with you Dave and hope that you have a speedy recovery. Good luck to you, you'll be in our thoughts!
  3. STLAR Spring Ride to Hermann

    Thanks acox! Count me in!
  4. STLAR Spring Ride to Hermann

    Just wondering which day Saturday or Sunday...got the where and only half the when and we all know why.