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  1. Somewhere over the Atlantic: Enjoying French cuisine: Lots of fine wine:
  2. Hey Bud, there's an interesting new topic you might want to take a look at... To everyone else, it was great seeing you! (except for the squirrel haters!!!) jk
  3. The ransom stands as follows: Bud's hat for Bic lighter. If you think we're not serious and you think your stomach can handle it. Stay tuned. This is the first picture of many to come. Drop off point and time to be determined. Bud, can you guess where your hat is headed?
  4. I dont know about smacking, but a bite wouldnt go a miss ...I mean, ....what?
  5. Sounds good to me. I havent been sick in that one yet oh, then leave it in there for when she gets back
  6. Are you kidding me?? She is skinny with big . You mean to tell me you think she has a gut? $300,000 to him is nothing, it would be like you paying for her meal and then taking her home. Your telling me you wouldnt??
  7. YOU SUCK! Dom and I will have our own non-Putnam gotta go to drill party
  8. When I see and Aussie, I'll let them know!
  9. Thanks guys for all the great advice and patience. Bud, I'm still in shock that you ride, thanks for leading!
  10. Yes, I did enjoy my ride to work!! Thanks babe xxx (hehehehe)
  11. Awesome choice of car. I used to build those when I worked at Cowley, BMW in Oxford. Check under the top scuttle to see if my initials are there. MDW! As they passed my section on the production line, prior to firing process, I engraved my initials in the putty under the front top scuttle so when they came out of the kiln, my initials were forever engraved in that car.
  12. Wanker! But cheers for the welcome.
  13. Haha, I dont know, you might want to ask someone who is from there!
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