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  1. pre registered for amateur gt and sportsman class can't wait
  2. Come out to Gateway on June 12TH you can do test the track for 35.00 you will have a lot of fun. If you have Leather coat helmet guantlet gloves and a bike you can do it. Test the track does not require you to wire your bike. Its safe and will definately improve your riding skills. If you decide you like it you can pay the xtra money and bump up to novice. No police cars, No ticket and ambulance seconds away what more could be better.
  3. Yes he was fine he had a low side but the bike hit a tree messed it up pretty bad. He is taking it to my shop and he's going to buy the parts and I am going to fix it for free. We had 40 riders in all. We ate at an awesome restaurant on the river. Take care throttle demon
  4. ok start meeting at my shop tomorrow at 10:15 am we will leave @ 11:00 am sharp second pick up point is at 40 and 94 need more info pm me thank you. Alot more people ar going than I posted earlier should be a lot of fun there will be 2 groups of riders too fit everybodies pace and everybody is welcome. So far no accidents on our rides lets keep it that way. Thank You, Kerry
  5. will be there racing both days gt amateur, formula 40 and sportsman.
  6. ok we have a little more than 25 riders going and we have a patio restaurant to eat at if anybody wants the route pm us
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- first pickup point will get together @ 10:15 and won't leave till 11:00 sharp. My shop will be open for restrooms and you can fill up there also. Xtreme Automotive 2245 south Kingshighway Blvd st.louis mo 63110 you can call the day of otherwise text my phone because it is transferred to my shop 314-221-4904 second pick up spot 40 and hwy 94 east of 40 first gas station on right We will arrive at 11:30 -11:35 and we will leave @ 12:00 AM this gives time for meet and greet
  8. I will be there. racing sportsman, formula 40 and possibly amateur gt
  9. was going to go but monday is full for intermediate and expert
  10. thank you greatly appreciated
  11. thank you very much I greatly appreciate everybodies congrats
  12. yeah can u say hooters !!!! LOL yes I remember you and gsxrgrl. Thank you very much. I also look forward to riding with you.
  13. My first race and won sportsman. Oh Yeah cant believe it what a day.
  14. if there is anybody else that needs to be pmd with the toute please let me know
  15. about 11:30 AM it took me 25 minutes to get there but I was moving pretty good.
  16. the map to my shop http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Saint+Lo...geocode=ADDRESS
  17. grlrider+1 bigezzy bill77 antbom snapper1978 oldschool94 galenb adler ninja6 georgios313 UcDontU morpheus122 jason04f4I Jimbo from work mani from work diane my wife TJ close friend 5 friends of adlers ThrottleDemon JTProuhet and 3 or 4 friends tfs32 2001a6 hummertastars tedebear farsighted770 buyan1157 lwdrew so far these are the ones positively going
  18. people riding bill77 bigezzy antbom snapper1978 oldschool94 tfs31 adler ninja6 2001a6 georgios313 morpkeus122 ucdontu jason04f4I hummertastars tedebear farsighted770 buyan1157 lwdrew throttledemon JTProuhet 3or4 of JTProuhets friends Jimbo friend mani friend TJ friend Diane Wife so far pretty good group I would say If I have left anyone out please let me know
  19. Sorry everybody I will definately PM the route tonight. Some things came up yesterday and today that I wasnt aware of. It would be called something like field trips and field day the kids school thing who wouldve thunk.
  20. bigezzy bill77 antbom snapper1978 oldschool94 adler ninja6 georgios313 UcDontU morpheus122 jason04f4I Jimbo from work mani from work diane my wife TJ close friend 5 friends of adlers ThrottleDemon JTProuhet and 3 or 4 friends I rode to st. charles today too meet with Bill to find out what roads we are taking. There will definately be 2 groups for this ride. one group will want to run these twisties for sure some really good roads and Bill really knows this area. He will lead the fast group. I will lead the second group which will be the slower group. If you want to start in the slower group and its too slow. Bill will will wait every so often and make sure everyone is in the group and you can latch on to his group. I just always have safety in mind and these rides that I put together are for all riders and all levels. There will be a sitdown restaurant stop with an outdoor patio. I didn't go that far with him today. Usually I give the restaurant a heads up but he says they will be able to handle all of us. We will pm the route tomorrow to all the guys and gals that want to go. It will be so far all the peoples names that I have posted earlier any newbies please post up now.
  21. When you get 170 hp out of rear tire on a stock gsxr 1000 with nothing but a slip on I would say thats pretty good. gained me 9 hp that would be wow. Gave me a great price for doing both of my bikes. I will definately spread the word. oh yeah racebike 02 gsxr 750 130 hp can you say WOW thats a WOW
  22. We will definately look forward to seeing you guys thanks again
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