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  1. Velocity Calibrations is going to respring the front and tweek the rear
  2. Well it has been a long time coming but I finally have a "sporty" bike again and ready to start riding again. Can't wait till spring!
  3. I will be there taking photos like normal!!!!!!!
  4. 54 miles from the state line, almost there!!!! See you guys in the morning.
  5. Do they have electric inside where they are letting us camp?
  6. I made my hotel reservations today, I will be there to take photos.
  7. I guess one day I should get that suit back from you, lol.
  8. Is anyone going? I have been asked by STT to shoot the next few event at Putnam is anyone from here going to be there?
  9. Big News!!! I am the newest Official Track Photographer for www.Sportbiketracktime.com. I will be at Putnam on the 23-24 of July and the 27th-28 of August! Make plans now, its going to be awesome!
  10. Rick, Your camera was on the wrong setting, we got 5 still shots lol. Zachary
  11. Everything it that video I shot was at 60fps. I love slo-mo!
  12. This time at putnam it was an experiment. Now that I know that the video looks good I will have a better set up for future events. Like I said it was only a test. Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of the gopro in the corner!
  13. Let me know what you think, I was trying out the new camera.
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