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  1. If that new “middle weight” Lightning ever comes out, I’d like to get one for the track.
  2. I’m in and I booked Putnam for that Monday.
  3. Since the weather has been decent dog and I have been doing our daily 1 mile walk.
  4. Ya, I guess it hasn’t done well for them for a few years. I’ll be there our normal two weekends. Last of July and September.
  5. Putnam is nice because it isn’t super technical and is easy to learn.
  6. I’m down 33lbs. My race suit is so loose now it’s awesome.
  7. If only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “How’s my BP?”.
  8. After pre orders I’m down to one set for SV’s and one set for 250-400’s.
  9. First rule of racetracks is you never look at the forecast.
  10. Not allegedly. Alan Wilson designed both. Along with about 20 others.
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