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  1. Hey guy & gals...This option is still available & just FYI we plan on using this as an option for raffles at the meetings. Wanted to let you guys know that what you are putting in, is helping the club! Thanks to all who have done this so far! :handclap:


    Just ordered a jacket from them yesterday! I dontated the dollar!

  2. Only a salesman will tell you that's a lot of miles. If you maintain it properly you will get many many more miles out of it. Save your money for gear and tires :headbang:


    What maintenance is there on this beasts besides oil/filter, air filter and spark plugs? The bike runs great. It has a little studder off the line, but once i get above 4-5k in 1st it runs great. I smell gas every now and then riding, so i kinda think my FPR is going out or shot.. Im pretty mechanicaly inclined so im not afraid to tear into it haha Im putting a set of tires on it next week cause my front is a Pirelli and the back is a Michelin Pilot Power, but the rear has a plug in it. and i never knew the risks of running with a plug.. So after i heard that, i ordered new tires. And ive got a Joe Rocket Honda textile jacket and Shoei RF1000 helmet and A-Star gloves, and just ordered a Joe Rocket Honda Leather jacket this morning from the newenough.com website.. They were on closeout for $139 bux so i couldnt pass it up. Sorry for the books i write haha

  3. 22k miles! It's still getting broken in. Don't get rid of it just because of the miles.


    everyone tells me thats alot of miles for a bike.. haha im new to street bikes! Ive rode dirt bikes my whole life so i am clueless when it comes to these beasts. Riding a street bike is more than i ever imagined. Ive always wanted one since i turned 16 and money never allowed for it and then bout 3 years ago my aunt was hit on her harley and they had to amputate her leg and that made me never want one and then i got the urge again so i just went and bought one. It is so much fun. Ill never go without owning a bike again. haha and all my relatives are saying that i need to sell it and never ride.. and i always come back with the: People die in cars everyday! But everyday we get in our cars and drive down the rode.. and they say no more haha

  4. Thanks guys! And im not sure where to post but, Cycle Gear is having a sale on tires. They are Dunlop SportMax Q2 (dual compound). For a 180 back tire set is $199, and a 190 rear tire set is $209.. The sale is on saturday, but you can go in and pay for them, you just have to pick them up on saturday inorder to get that price. The manager showed me their cost on the set with the 190 and it was like $351. I am going to try a 190 rear tire on my bike. But also everything in the store is 10% off..

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