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  1. CharlieS

    Gear Givaway!!!

    I have gear, thanks. But I did want to say how nice it is for you to make an offer like that.
  2. Damn. I was going to make this one. Glad I checked.
  3. Glad it's just minor to the fingers. How's the bike?
  4. What happened? You might want to stop pounding them on the keyboard
  5. That would still work. Now that we have the when, all we need is the where. ---Charlie
  6. I'd be up for a ride this Sunday. The earlier the better. ---Charlie
  7. Just got home about a half hour ago. Great ride. Good meeting all of you. ---Charlie
  8. I think I can make it. Save me a spot towards the rear. ---Charlie
  9. CharlieS

    Anyone hiring?

    Amy, UAW is on strike at Covidien downtown. It's the Mallinckrodt plant. Covidien had an ad for temporary workers. If I were you, I wouldn't feel bad about crossing picket lines there. Union carpenters, electricians, pipefitters, steamfitters, painters, and the like are all crossing our line. There are also a lot of company workers, and company temporaries who are working in there on the company side. It might be an opportunity to make a little money over the summer. No one is throwing rocks or anything like that. http://www.covidien.com/covidien/pageBuild...rs:Introduction Good luck ---Charlie
  10. CharlieS

    Hi! New to the Forum

    Hey Pops, you might be a little older than me, but you haven't seen me ride yet. Bet you I can grab half that title! Thanks for the welcome. Hope to meet up with you some time. ---Charlie
  11. CharlieS

    Hi! New to the Forum

    Gary, good to see you on here. TRnet is about the same. It's a good source for information. Not many locals on it though. What happened with you? Send me a PM. Hey, how was the ride yesterday, 6/5, did you go? ---Charlie
  12. CharlieS

    Ride Friday June 4th?

    Thanks for a great ride. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. I appreciate the advice I got, and Thanks for slowing me down, Amy. It was a lot more fun after that! I think I learned a little bit. And those super subs were great! ---Charlie
  13. +1 on what Kaelin said. I went on Amy's ride friday morning. Amy and the group really wanted to make sure that I wasn't riding past my abilities. They introduced me to some wonderful roads, and some great sanwiches. I was really impressed with the skill that they ride with, and their knowledge of these roads. I had a great time. ---Charlie
  14. Hi, Everyone. I've been checking out this forum for about a month now. My name is Charlie, and I'm from Webster. I have a red 2002 Triumph Sprint ST with hardbags. I've been riding about 18 months now, did the BRC, got the license. I commute back and forth to work everyday, but I'd like to get into more. I'd like to join up on some rides, meet some nice people, and learn some new roads. I'm new, old and slow, but I like to ride, and I really want to learn how to handle this bike better. I'm really looking forward to riding with the group. ---Charlie