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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday!!
  3. Which one do you have? I have the Pro L2 Evo. The one problem I have with it is that it tends to dig into the base of my neck when I'm riding. Jason has the same one as me, and he was having the same problem. I might try going a size down. But other than that I love it.
  4. The only way to get an answer is to ask a question... So if you're not sure about something ask away. I just don't want to see you get injured because someone made alterations to your gear and didn't do it properly.
  5. Having a race suit altered isn't that easy. The person doing the work must use Kevlar thread and double and triple stitch areas, or as soon as you go down the seams will blow open. Not all suits are cut the same. Keep trying different brands and styles, and eventually you will find the right suit for you. Also ask if the suit is a "race" or "sport" fit. Race fit will be tight, and pretty much only comfy on the bike in a race position. Sport fit will be a more relaxed fit, and is designed to be comfortable on and off the bike.
  6. Donelson has this for sale. 2014 Royal Enfield Classic 500 military.
  7. Welcome.
  8. What about an S5. My cousin had an S5 coupe, and that was a really nice car. Then he got too many tickets and bought a new Jeep.
  9. 2017 is the last year for them. If they had sold better GM was going to move production to the US (The old Chrysler plant was a top runner for a location). But it's a car that people just don't get. And being in the same price range as an SS Camaro doesn't help.
  10. The SS Camaro is up to 455hp now. The CTS-V is an amazing car, but now you're up in new Z06 price range. And the C7 Z06 is an absolute beast. It's pretty much a race car that you can comfortably daily drive.
  11. @Speed Here's a video for you.
  12. Have you looked at the Chevy SS? Don't let the MSRP shock you, I've heard they discount these cars pretty deeply. 415HP, you can get a 6-speed manual, and in race mode it sounds like it's going to rip your head off.
  13. You could always go with a C6 Z06. You can pick up a nice one for less than an RS. But try to get a 2010 or newer because they went from a 7 quart to a 10 quart capacity oil reservoir that year.
  14. What year/model Vette do you have?
  15. DONT'T DO IT!!! Drive the Focus ST, then drive the RS. My son has an ST and was waiting for the RS to get here. He drove the RS and said it wasn't worth the extra money. He said the RS makes all its power up high, and is a pain to drive around town compared to the ST. He said he gave the same amount of throttle pulling out of the dealership that he would in his car, and nearly got rear ended because it has no power. However, if you are dead set on an RS 2018 will be the last year for them, and they are getting a bunch of changes. Which means they will deal on the 17s. I know a bunch of dealers have them sitting around because they aren't selling.