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  1. I might go ride the R6 and the R3.
  2. New Guy

  3. Welcome! Love your R6! Had one just like it, and wish I had never sold it. Brought it home April 17,1999. Got to ride it home in a snow storm.
  4. Rode to Washington today

    Ask and you shall receive...
  5. My first Kawi!

    Congratulations on the new bike!
  6. Happy Birthday JJ

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Riders Discount has 50% off the Arai Corsair X. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/50-off-arai-corsair-x-helmet-sale.351320/ They have the Red Curve, Vinales 1, and Dani Pedrosa.
  8. Need your opinion on Mac books

    Neither of them have a drive. After watching a ton of videos last night, my wife ordered one. Won't say which one because I remembered sometimes he's on this site. Don't want to completely ruin the surprise.
  9. We're getting our son a Mac book for his Birthday. Between the Air, and the Pro which one is the better choice. My son says he wants the Pro, but I think that's just because it says pro and is more expensive. Spec wise I don't really see any difference between them. Also the Pro doesn't seem to have any expansion ports, where as the Air does. I've never used a Mac, so I'm not familiar with how they run. Also, my son is going to college for graphic design, and web design. Any input/opinions would be appreciated.
  10. HBD

    Happy late Birthday.
  11. O'Reilly's for the win.

    And time travel much more feasible.
  12. MotoGP 2018

    I knew Taichi had a suit that would accept the Tech-Air system, but didn't know anyone was using the D-air from Dainese.