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  1. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday Joe !!

    Happy Birthday Joe!
  2. yzfr6i

    New BMW S1000RR for 2019?

    Tom Sykes will be one of their WSBK riders for 2019.
  3. yzfr6i

    RST Combo deals

    They just applied Black Friday pricing on the deal. Now the track pack is $649, and the road pack is $429.
  4. yzfr6i

    RST Combo deals

    Riders Discount is doing combo deals on RST products. Track Pack: Race suit, boots, gloves, and base layer; for $949 shipped. Street Pack: Textile jacket, pants, boots, and gloves; for $549 shipped. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/rst-combo-pack-fall-sale.356013/
  5. yzfr6i

    "Z" projects

    Nothing wrong with a back-up bike.
  6. yzfr6i

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    @Dippnet Hope you’re ok.
  7. yzfr6i

    Stlar Meeting!

    Home. It was good seeing everyone.
  8. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday Morbo

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Home. Had a great time today.
  11. If it's Becker Joerling Rd it's better to run it heading South, it flows better. There's a corner marked 10mph. Take it at 10 or less, it's like trying to make a U-turn in a garage. I ususally take Cappelin Osage North, to get on Becker running South. You just end up doing a small section of F.O. twice.
  12. yzfr6i

    New BMW S1000RR for 2019?

    Yes it does