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  1. yzfr6i

    DAMN Lucky !!!!

    This happens way too often. I almost got rear-ended two weeks ago in my subdivision on the way to work. Stopped at a stop sign and next thing in know there's a black Chrysler 300 skidding next to me where there is no lane. When I pulled away she ran the stop sign and pulled away with me, so I pulled over and waved her past. Luckily we got stuck at the stop light at the end of the subdivision so I could pull out my phone and snap a picture of her car. That must have made her nervous because she took off like a bat out of Hell when the light turned.
  2. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mike!
  3. yzfr6i

    Hey Everyone!

  4. yzfr6i


    If you think you're having a bad day, try having your Hurcan Performante burnt to the ground because a mini van pulled off with the pump still in it's tank.
  5. yzfr6i


    The Q4 leans more to the track side. SuperCorsas are good tires, but you have to really push them on the street to get their temp in their operating range. The Corsa2 uses the same compound as the SC on the outer section. It also uses three different compounds on the rear tire.
  6. yzfr6i


    Check out the new Corsa 2. I just put a set on my R6 and so far they’ve done really well.
  7. yzfr6i


  8. yzfr6i

    Lorenzo goes to Repsol Honda

    It will be more like.. "The bike's set up for Marquez's cowboy style of riding, and is far too loose for my precise hammering of laps." Hmmm, Cowboy and hammering in the same sentence. I guess we should revert back to the picture JJ posted. Best of all... "Alpinestars has tried everything, but those Repsol colors make me look fat."
  9. Lorenzo signed a two year deal with Repsol Honda to take Pedrosa's place in 2019 and 2020. Jorge and Marquez as team mates could be even more volatile than when he was with Rossi. Although the two seem to have a common enemy....Rossi. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/06/06/confirmed-lorenzo-to-ride-for-repsol-honda-in-2019-and-2020/261628
  10. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday OhNoltsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. yzfr6i

    Helpful YouTube channel

    I've been watching their videos for a while, and they’re very informative. I figured I'd share this since more of the members are starting to go to the track. Their channel is Life at Lean. This is one of their videos.
  12. yzfr6i

    I wrecked

    Call a radiator repair shop if you decide to weld the tank. They're used to working with aluminium, and their welds have to hold up to a great deal of pressure, and temperature changes. Plus they may be able to test for leaks when they're finished.
  13. yzfr6i


    Saw this at a car show last night. Now that they're old enough to be imported we just might start seeing more of them. I couldn't track down the owner to find out the year, but it's an NSR 250 SE.
  14. yzfr6i

    Happy Birthday WhatARush

    Happy Birthday!