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  1. Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago.
  2. Went to get my bike inspected today, and found out that Missouri has changed their laws again. If your bike is 10 years old or newer, and has under 150,000 miles you don't need an inspection. I came home and did my registration on-line, and it went through without an inspection with no problem. Seems like this could put quite a few unsafe bikes out on the road.
  3. I think Lorenzo will be on the factory team in 2021. He's being listed as a test rider for 2020. Possibly because he was under contract to race for Honda in 2020 prior to his "retirement". Calling himself a test rider and not running any races this season with Yamaha might be a loophole around the Honda contract.
  4. This video makes a bit more sense now.
  5. yzfr6i

    MotoGP 2019

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Lorenzo back with Ducati in some capacity.
  6. Every time I say the name I feel like a pirate. But seriously the bike looks like it's going to move Honda from last to first in the superbike shootouts. My only gripe is that they made the quick-shifter an option on the RR-R. Every other liter bike has a quick-shifter, and most have a blipper as standard now. I wouldn't want to spend over $17k on a bike and then have to pay an additional $500 (or more) for something that should have been there in the first place.
  7. A few of you have had bikes with matte finishes for a while now. I was just wanting to get your perspectives on living with that paint. Has it been harder to care for than a glossy finish? Have you had any problems with the finish? Any maintenance tips you can pass along. Just asking because I'm thinking of getting a matte black bike.
  8. I've ridden with Scott, and this bike truly is as nice as he says. Well cared for, and always looks like he just bought it.
  9. Good News!!!! "We are excited to announce that the Riders Discount brand will continue to deliver the best service in the industry. Based on the outpouring of good will from our customers and friends, the new company will continue to offer the same great service forum members and riders everywhere have come to expect into 2019 and beyond. How are we going to do this? For starters, many of the same people who had been part of Riders Discount in years’ past have returned. Furthermore, TJ will continue to be your direct contact in this new company. We have quite a bit of work to do, so we ask for your patience and understanding while we take care of some details in order to offer the best service in the industry! We expect to have the transition fully completed in six weeks. While we won't have our sub-forum here, you can always call us on 866.931.6644, send a note to forums@ridersdiscount.com or PM Riders Discount directly, as always. The level of service we offer to this community will never change! Lastly, we want to offer a big thank you to all of our awesome customers that have reached out to us over the past few weeks. It was truly heart-warming and perhaps the biggest factor in doing everything possible to keep the Riders Discount brand alive. With gratitude for your kind patronage, The Riders Discount Team"
  10. Was sad to see that they were closing. TJ's always taken care of me.
  11. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/12/11/suzuki-hayabusa-production-ends/
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