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  1. FYI: Looked up road closings: Apperently the Bridge 64/40 from Wentzville or I-70 to chesterfield is open - going the other way is closed.. Let me know if anyone knows otherwise.
  2. See you'all at the QT in Eureka. I am also not an official member either - just like riding. I have done a few group rides and was fast enough. Dont plan on breaking any speed records tomorrow anyway. I will be on a Maroon Yamaha FJR 1300A Sport Touring. Hopefully I will make it on time. I hear the 64/40 Bridge is closed so I will plan my route. Maght have to go through Washington, MO..
  3. I was planning on riding Bixby tomorrow any.. Im in.. Where are you'all meeting up at? I live in Wentzville..
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