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  1. scramble


    Todd, I found out about this a little earlier today. I'm very sorry.,. Know that everyone is here for support, help, or anything else you may need.
  2. scramble

    Visitation for Chris Knauer and Family

    Currently traveling but coming back tomorrow. Depending when I can leave I might be able to make the Wednesday service.
  3. Well, I didn't read all 5 pages...... but, I won't be able to go :-(
  4. Hope u guys enjoy. Busy demoing a deck
  5. Sounds like it worked out! Too bad I couldn't make it...
  6. Yeah. When I spoke to the manager he said he would waive the min for us. He also went as far to say that he could just book the room for the whole year if we knew which Tuesday's we wanted. Let me know if you need help with anything
  7. scramble

    HBD scramble

    Thanks everyone! It was great to eat a ton of cupcakes... if only they were diet cupcakes. The one piece isn't getting any looser
  8. Cool! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. Conference in town all week. Do you need me to reach out about the room or are we all set?
  9. scramble

    Get well Bill!

    I've been following the thread. Best wishes to bill. As soon as an idea is firm, I can help. I liked the kenricks idea... great food and an established brand that will draw ppl
  10. scramble

    New Bike!

    That's awesome! Congrats!!
  11. scramble

    Ride n fish part 2

    I believe I shall be in!
  12. That picture was crazy... How do you not notice your tire is that worn?
  13. Made it home safe and in time for my appointment
  14. The contractor's last available appointment today is at 1pm :-s.
  15. Been up for about an hour now... Guess I'm just that excited. See you all in a few hours. Unless anyone wants to get an early start. Takers?