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  1. Morbo

    Need some new gloves

    Ooooohhh... I'm saving these for when it's time to replace my current winter gloves.
  2. Morbo

    Need some new gloves

    I know I'm a bit late to this party, but I've had these for going on my 3rd (I think) cold season - Knox Zero 2 gloves I think they tick all your checkboxes; have the same palm sliders as the regular Knox gloves. Not as high-end as the Handroids by any means but as for operating temps, they are definitely good down to the 50's. I ride my bike in the winter when the lows are hovering at, or slightly below, freezing. These won't keep your hands warm at those temps (not even with my heated grips), but once I get into the upper 30's/low 40's, they work well enough I only need the heated grips at highway speeds. I'll actually be busting them out tomorrow for my commute to work - low's are supposed to be low 40's overnight tonight.
  3. Morbo


    @ZRX4ME... Found a new kind of Mazda when I was taking a tour of the Winchester House out in San Jose.
  4. Morbo

    Fall ride dates

    I can't do any of those dates otherwise I'd vote.
  5. Morbo

    Class Action Suit against BSC

    "barkeep... A round of waters for all my friends... on me."
  6. Morbo

    Class Action Suit against BSC

    My BSC settlement is coming in the mail today.
  7. Morbo


    Yeah, but if I recall hearing, you can customize it pretty heavily, similar to the Pi, and run other distros. (I'm not nerdy with Pi's so my lingo may not be entirely accurate) Although, I believe it will only feed data into Microsoft's Azure IoT Central portal which is fine since you can have up to 5 IoT devices for free. I have a lot of reading up to do.
  8. Morbo


    Sometimes there's benefits to going to nerd conferences. If you're not a techy, just keep moving on... Snagged a Microsoft IoT board (similar to Raspberry Pi's) and the board has a gyroscope, temp sensor, pressure sensor, mic, G-force sensor, etc. Can't recall if it has a GPS sensor, think it does. My winter project is a poor-man's IMU. Just need a small battery pack and tether it off my phone's HotSpot.
  9. Morbo

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    HBD, Todd!
  10. ^^^^ Sounds like someone has a new goal for next year. ^^^^^ The media !? Sensationalizing something to draw viewership??? Noooooooooooooooooo!
  11. Morbo

    Happy Birthday Morbo

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes.
  12. Morbo

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Gah! I'll be flying back from CA. You guys have fun.
  13. Morbo

    Ace Bikes bike mover

  14. Home safe. Great route, Khaled, thanks to you and JJ for leading. Great ride! About 210 miles door-to-door.
  15. Heading out in a few...