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  1. I considered shipping the bike but she doesn't do 2-up that long plus it's hard to stop and enjoy hikes and beaches when you're lugging aground all the riding gear.
  2. I'd love to get back out and do Cherohala again. BRP would be fun, the article even mentioned the absurdly low speed limit and high fines for speeding though. I don't think I could handle that for 470 miles. Planning on flying out to California this fall and doing PCH. Won't be on a bike but planning on renting a convertible.
  3. Morbo

    Uploaded new red theme

    Big thanks to @dogpark for helping with getting back a few customizations for the new red theme. The new red theme is now the default and those of you who didn't manually switch have been "nudged" to the new theme.
  4. Morbo

    Happy Birthday WhatARush

    HBD, Dave!
  5. Morbo

    Uploaded new red theme

    As co-webmaster, I decided to delegate this task to you. Good luck.
  6. I uploaded the new red theme. To switch to it, go to the bottom of the page and choose "Theme." Select "STLAR Red - NEW" from the dropdown. I'll leave the original red theme visible for a little bit just in case there's some wonkiness with the new red theme, you can switch back to the OG red theme while it's fixed. If there are no issues then I'll set the new red theme as the only red theme. If/when you switch to the new red theme, please report any issues. I'm personally in the blue theme most of the time so I don't notice issues.
  7. Report any other issues than w/the red theme. Yes, I'm aware this didn't fix the problem with the red theme. I haven't gotten around to updating it yet since I want to see if I can figure out if it'll break anything else first.
  8. Home safe. Had to stop for one more fill up and refreshment. Good times, great people. Thanks for leading, Bud.
  9. Morbo

    My first Kawi!

    Yeah, as much work as I do in IT, it's completely failing me with Kurviger. To get it a pre-built map from Google Maps you need to export from Google to KML, convert it to GPX (or some other Kurviger-accepted format), and it imports fine. Can't figure out for the life of me how to actually start the route.
  10. Morbo

    Happy Birthday Scott (yzfr6i)

  11. Morbo

    My first Kawi!

    I just bit the bullet and bought Kurviger Pro so we'll see how easy it is to move my existing routes to Kurviger.
  12. Maybe our resident pharmacist-in-training can offer some other alternatives.
  13. Phew.... I'm safe! <Edit> I think I should show up on my FZ-10 and demo the MT-10 just to see what they say. </Edit>
  14. It's not on BSC's website but it's on Yamaha's website... Event Details. @Stanimal, looks like they won't have an R1 for you to try out.