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    Or just practice on a Harley and do whatever you want.
  2. Paint work

    Not likely. The bike I'm looking at has less than 200 miles. It's just one color.
  3. Paint work

    Thanks @Speed. I reached out to freak but it sounds like his place doesn't do bikes. I actually looked into it and it may be feasible to buy the black OEM parts, swap them on, and sell the gray bits to recoup the price. Would probably be cheaper than the paint job.
  4. Shoei shield/pinlock

    Shoei CWR-F Face Shield & Shoei CWR-F/CWF-1 EVO Pinlock Insert Selling these items separately or as a combo for a lower price. Shield and insert are brand new. Came with my Shoei X-14 helmet. Shield has posts for tear-offs. I replaced the shield with a different one and have no need for a shield with tear-offs. The Pinlock insert does not fit the other shield so I cannot use it. Shield: asking $35 (cost $55 brand new) Pinlock: asking $25 (cost $35 brand new) Together: asking $50 Again, more pics available here:

    Can't speak to that; the lot where I took the MSF was pretty remote in relation to buildings on campus so I only saw the local security once in the handful of times I used the lot for practice. They didn't bother me. I would assume they know the lot is used for MSF and figured I was just there practicing. There were no other cars on the lot so the only thing I could damage was myself/my bike.

    I think the St. Charles community college offers the MSF course, they may have a lot where they run the courses. If so, they may have the practice courses already painted on the lot. The college where I took my MSF course had all the different drills/courses painted on the parking lot - the "box", turns, corners, braking lanes, etc.
  7. Paint work

    Anyone in here ever get any body work professionally painted? Any you track guys with track fairings get them painted? If so, where, and would you recommend them? I may be able to get a barely-used FZ-10 for a ridiculously good price but I flat out hate the color. I can get a pretty good deal on a brand new one in my preferred color but it'd be almost $3k more to get it. I figured it'd be worth trying to get an idea of what it costs to paint the ugly bits.
  8. Number 112

    Congrats! I'm considering #5 now but waiting for decent weather to take one for a test ride. In the time I've been holding out for nice weather, I think you've bought 2 bikes.

    Not sure when they made the change, but the DMV right by my house now staffs mostly 18-20 year-olds (at least they look to be) and they're actually all pretty damn nice and patient. Prior to that it was a bunch of 50-year-old women who were the crabbiest, most impatient people I'd ever dealt with. I'm one of the abnormal folks who actually have all the necessary paperwork all ready to go, a pre-written check, etc., when they call my number. They'd still get pissy with me when it took me 10 seconds to write the dollar amount on the check for the total they'd just given me 3 seconds prior. I genuinely feel sorry for the younger employees now when I watch them trying to work with typical customers who have the stack of trash and paperwork and no idea where anything is. I'll get the pleasure of visiting the DMV here soon, hopefully picking up a new car tonight so it'll be time to pay taxes and title it soon thereafter. I really don't think there will be a way to completely automate the process simply because I would imagine fraud would run rampant - this is a government-ran program after all. At the very least, they could remove the physical paperwork and move to all digital forms to save costs. Pre-fill out the forms and submit online, get a reference number which is good for 30 days, go to DMV, look up reference number, show proof of insurance, identity, residence, etc. Pay the bill and be on your way. Have a single kiosk for those who, for whatever reason, cannot pre-fill the forms. They can fill them out, then go wait in line to pay the fees. To go down another rabbit hole, has anyone else noticed in the past few years just how many people go months without registering their new car? It seems like at least a couple times a week I'll see a temp tag which is expired. I don't mean by a few days; I'm talking weeks to a month. I think the oldest temp tag I saw last year was probably 4-5 months past expiration.

    "BFR?... what's that stand for Mr. Musk?"
  11. Only took 2 years...

    Pics from 2017 are leaps and bounds better than these. Just proof that it's totally worth renting a nice lens. I'm splurging again this year for a Canon 500mm prime. Hoping for poster-worthy results.
  12. Only took 2 years...

    Finally got through touching up (quite poorly) my selections from MotoGP from 2016. I might get to all the 2017 shots before heading down there this April but I doubt it.

    On the surface, I'm happy to see eBay dumping PayPal. I loathe eBay and the fact they get to double-dip on fees since they do own PayPal aggravates me. I'll still be paying fees for both services but at least they'd be going to separate entities.