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  1. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Are you sure you weren't just hopped up on painkillers and you just imagined flying there on unicorns?
  2. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    Sorry gents... woke up to a nice, steady rain and radar indicates it's not going to be stopping anytime soon so I'm going to sit this one out. Me and my bag of fuses might go out later if it dries up.

    Wife gave me the go-ahead so I'm in for tomorrow. Hopefully I won't need Dippnet Towing Services, LLC.
  4. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    In (+a bag of fuses)

    Thanks again, Terry. Still completely agree it's not "fixed." My wife asked if I was going to wait until it's fixed to ride it. I told her I'd just sell it if I waited because I may very well never ride it again since finding the problem has been difficult. I've been trying to do some more research as I have time but "spare" time has been a commodity lately. Either way, Terry, I can't thank you enough again for giving me your time.

    Put about 200-225 miles on my bike since the last time the BAS fuse blew. Terry did a very thorough testing of the BAS circuit and to paraphrase the man: "I can fix a broken bike, you didn't bring me a broken bike." Can't reproduce the problem. Only way to reproduce it is to ride it so I started commuting on the bike again. Just making sure to keep the road shoulder available. Can't say it's fixed but wondering if all the jostling of wires, disconnecting/reconnecting stuff managed to sort out what caused the problem.
  7. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    How'd you like the KTM on-track vs. your ZX-10?
  8. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Were you needing me to meet you at your place for unloading?
  9. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Cool. Are there other guys there to help with loading? I can coordinate to meet at your house to help unload. If you can use my help for loading at Gateway (?) I can come up and help too. Let me know.
  10. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Are you able to drive? I can help with shuttling people if someone else is driving you home.
  11. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    By "movers" are we including transportation down to Perryville? Relatively speaking, I live closest to him. I can come up and help and I can make some temporary garage space if getting everything home is not feasible. (Edit)... And still happy to help with getting everything all the way home too.
  12. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Evan, let me know if I can do anything to help. Hope it's nothing too serious.
  13. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Cool... I looked at my points and Southwest airfare and I'm about 95% certain I'll be flying there and back; out of pocket is going to be $11 for fees. I most likely won't be driving there/back with you guys but I'll gladly fill up the van's tank or buy you all a round of beers in exchange for rides to/from the track and dinner.
  14. Let's start planning for a STLAR group trip to Austin for MotoGP next year. Basic details (subject to change): Changes for the 2018 trip: traveling down on Thursday, 4/19. Past years, we drove down on Friday. With a larger party last year it was realized there's too much fun to be had outside of watching on-track activities and the extra day will allow for the group to partake in other shenanigans at CotA. (stealing Evan's format from last year's thread....) Here's the plan: Thurs., 4/19 - leave early to get down to Austin that night - 14-hour'ish drive. Assuming we stay in the same place, the hotel is in Buda, TX, just south of Austin (but closer to the track). Fri., 4/20 - No idea how early we'll get to the track on Friday. It's free practice sessions all day. Off the track, the plan is to hit up the vendor tents, do the demo rides, etc., etc. I think basic requirements for demo rides were helmet and shoes so pack accordingly. Sat., 4/21 - Get to the track relatively early, if there's no newbs going then we may not need to get there that early since the veterans will know the track layout and where they like to watch. Sun., 4/22 - Definitely get to the track early to make sure you can get where you want to be. Watch the races (there were discussions of staying for the MotoAmerica races this time), then head home, stopping for the night at a hotel at some point. Mon., 4/23 - Finish the drive home We've been staying at the Comfort Suites in Buda ( The place is decent enough and if you're lucky, you'll get to stalk some Moto3/Moto2 riders. I've already made a reservation for a 2-queen bed room for 4/19 through 4/22. If someone's interested in the other bed let me know, we can split the cost. (Evan, you can have first dibs on being the "big spoon.") Transportation: Last year, JJ procured the minivan so, assuming he's in for 2018, that's most likely the plan again. For me personally, if I can swing it I'll probably look into flying. I've got the points w/Southwest. I enjoy the camaraderie and the company on the drive , but I like not driving for 14 hours even more. Please post up if you're in... I'll try to keep this main post updated with a roster. Roster: Morbo (Jason) jjester (JJ) Irresponsible_Robot (Evan)

    Will do. Hoping it'll be next summer.