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  1. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  7/2, 6:30-??? Not sure if I'll be there.
  2. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT 4/2, 6:30-??? I won't be in attendance but may have a topic to bring to the members. If necessary, I'll talk to Terry about bringing it up in my place.
  3. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  6/4, 6:30-???
  4. I've used Ram before too, good work.
  5. Home safe. Got lost a couple times of exploring. Thanks for posting, Khaled!
  6. They're done and I've passed the link on to Stephanie to post on MCRA, I really have no idea why it hasn't been posted yet.
  7. Tentatively in... Wife says I have to get the photos from Gateway done first if I'm going to go.
  8. Gooo oooonnnn.....
  9. I think we're looking to make it similar to last year: traveling down on Thursday, 4/11. Starting the drive back Sunday after the race. Of course, logistics are subject to change... Borrowing from the basic itinerary we've been using the past few years: Thurs., 4/11 - leave early to get down to Austin that night - 14-hour'ish drive. Assuming we stay in the same place, the hotel is in Buda, TX, just south of Austin (but closer to the track). Fri., 4/12 - No idea how early we'll get to the track on Friday. It's free practice sessions all day. Off the track, the plan is to hit up the vendor tents, do the demo rides, etc., etc. I think basic requirements for demo rides were helmet and shoes so pack accordingly. Sat., 4/13 - Get to the track relatively early, if there's no newbs going then we may not need to get there that early since the veterans will know the track layout and where they like to watch. Sun., 4/14 - Definitely get to the track early to make sure you can get where you want to be. Watch the races then head home, stopping for the night at a hotel at some point. Mon., 4/15 - Finish the drive home (although, last year Evan and Dave drove through the night) We've been staying at the Comfort Suites in Buda (https://www.choicehotels.com/texas/buda/comfort-suites-hotels/txc51). The place is decent enough and if you're lucky, you'll get to stalk some Moto3/Moto2 riders. Transportation: There was an unfortunate turn of events last year and transportation plans went sideways but the usual plan is to drive down, whether we procure a van to hold everyone or need to caravan. Last year I was able to fly, this year will most likely be driving/riding. Please post up if you're in... I'll try to keep this main post updated with a roster. Roster: Me... jjester Irresponsible_robot Speed
  10. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  5/7, 6:30-???
  11. Morbo

    MotoGP 2019 Pics

    For my non-Facebook friends and/or those who just don't do FB... Here's a few of the pics I took from this past weekend. I'm still going through my photos from 2017 so I have no idea when I'll ever get back to these so I figured I'd post a few while I had the time. Imgur Gallery
  12. Morbo

    Wed 4/3

    I'll be riding.... To work. Better than nothing, I guess.
  13. Morbo

    Sunday March 17

    I think I'm going to bow out for tomorrow. You guys have fun and stay warm.
  14. Morbo

    Sunday March 17

    Time sounds good, weather is still borderline "iffy" in terms of being a pleasant ride for my tastes. I'll be a definite in/out by Saturday once forecast seems a bit more reliable.
  15. Morbo

    Sunday March 17

    I'll probably be in, going pretty slow, but in. Unless weather drastically changes....
  16. Morbo

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Belated HBD!
  17. I got you a box of chocolates but I ate'em..
  18. Morbo

    Stlar Meeting!

    Posted the event on the STLAR Facebook page. Didn't mention free grub.
  19. Morbo

    Stlar Meeting!

    You better be, we gotta figure out MotoGP.
  20. Morbo

    Stlar Meeting!

    I don't see why not... but yeah, we shouldn't mention free food.
  21. Please report any issues.
  22. Morbo

    Stlar Meeting!

    Updated the calendar for the 2019 meetings... I'll be there.
  23. Morbo


    Gave my boss a V-day gift - a resignation letter; starting a new job in a few weeks... she asked if there was anything she could do to get me to stay, Barry White music started playing... she smiled coyly and brushed the papers across her desk.... or that was just a movie I saw once in college. and I gave my bike a V-day gift... Looking forward to doing a couple of weekend trips this year now that I'll have the luggage to carry all my crap.
  24. What are you hanging your pants on? I've been using the hangers which come with the pants when I buy them but they eventually break. I'm out of hangers at this point. All of the "heavy duty" hangers appear to not really be heavy duty enough or to small to fit my pants. Just curious if anyone uses anything other than a regular hanger they would recommend
  25. Morbo

    You guys with 2-piece suits...

    Thanks guys, think I'll probably look at the wooden hangers with pants clips. I've seen the B&G site; I like the combo hangar, but yeah, price is a bit steep.