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  1. Nevermind.. that sold real quick
  2. Beat me to it, Dave. Was getting ready to pay the link. This should make Austin much more interesting being the kickoff for the GP class.
  3. http://www.fim-live.com/en/article/motogp-class-cancelled-at-the-grand-prix-of-qatar/ They're still having Moto3/Moto2 because the teams have been in Qatar long enough already. Thailand is also already cancelled.
  4. Twitter I don't Twitter, but the linked website in the Tweet is a subscription site so can't get the whole story. Read the replies for a bit more detail.
  5. Let me know if you notice something broken (besides chatbox)
  6. I'll look into it and see what's up.
  7. I just remembered that this morning... Either way, we'll make due.
  8. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  6:30p-??? Come out for the last meet of the year. We'll be handing out awards for best dressed, most miles ridden this season, best food destination, and there'll be formal wear and swimsuit rounds for those who wish to participate. Just kidding... We're just going to drink beer and and have fun.
  9. Saw this on Reddit yesterday... Figured someone here would be willing to pay $40 to have Petrux talk trash on your riding buddy. Funnily enough, it was $20 yesterday... Guess the Reddit exposure led to a bump in sales.
  10. Think I replied on FB, but in +1.... We're working on our costumes this weekend.
  11. Glad you guys had a good time and made it home safe.
  12. I'll be there but late. Making a stop at a Cycle Gear first.
  13. So, bear with me, haven't done the long trip before. Acquiring some essentials for the trip - plug kit, rain suit, etc. Is there anything you guys would recommend as a must-have?
  14. Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  6:30p-???
  15. Looks like we're keeping the site/forums around.
  16. Aaaaaannnddddd home... only about 200 miles but weather was perfect.
  17. Changed the meet location and time... Looks like some other hooligans from IL are going.
  18. Destination: Bixby When: Saturday, 9/7 Meet: 9:30a @ Arnold QT KSU: 9:45a
  19. In, made my reservation. Fully admit to backing out if weather is going to suck ass.
  20. Plain and simple: should we make the switch to using the STLAR Facebook group exclusively? In case you haven't noticed, the site has been fairly dead all year, active new members are unheard of at this point. Forums, in general, are slowly fading away. It's been brought up in the past but at the most recent meeting we agreed to officially put it to a vote. If a resounding "yes", we'll discuss transition details. In my mind, the site wouldn't go away, simply put in a read-only state since we have some info around here and let it expire when renewals come up. There would be decisions as to what to do with the funds in the STLAR PayPal account as well. If a resounding "no", we'll keep on keeping on... Planning on leaving the poll up for a month or so to let all the regulars who tend to visit the forum occasionally have a chance to vote.
  21. Seems like we'll have enough to make it a meeting. See you all this evening.
  22. I've been out of town the past 2 weeks for work and vacation and purposely put down my phone for the most part while on vacation last week. Looks like there was never a post for the monthly meeting... (*cough* @ZRX4ME, @stiffneck, @GSXR55 *cough* ). Judging by the lack of activity or posts from anyone pining for the meeting this month, I'm questioning if we should cancel it this month. I should be able to make it tomorrow but I don't want to be sitting there by myself so if enough folks are up for it, we can have one.
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