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  1. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    What is this relaxed pace you speak of?
  2. Bent rim suggestions

    Size doesn't matter? Hmmm, where have I heard that before?
  3. Bent rim suggestions

    I was going to say, I have a 12 pound sledge I used on my 2 ZX6R rims that time I put it in the ditch.
  4. The question mark has since been changed to an exclamation point.
  5. I can rent these out if needed:
  6. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    It's a whole different ball game. It's probably a little better because it's not as hard on my neck, but right now it's harder on my upper body because I can't lock myself into the bike quite as good as I can on the 10. I have to use more arms where on the ZX10 I needed very little out of my arms. I rolled the bars back a bit which helped a little. I think I need to figure out how to get the pegs moved forward some more. The Chinese rearsets I put on are about 2 inches farther rear than stock, even in their most forward position. So I think if I get a different set that allows me to get them back closer to stock position that may help as well.
  7. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    ABI does great work.
  8. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    I did actually find Evans lid.
  9. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    I actually didn't get a change to watch them. I was loading up. Sounded like there were a quite of few of them out there though.
  10. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Found the lid to Evan's tub. Right under my front wheel.
  11. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Still at SLU with Evan. Looking like it was just a dislocation and maybe a chip so far. He's had an MRI, an x-ray and now a CT scan. Waiting on results of that.
  12. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    I am hanging with Evan at SLU. He just headed off for an MRI on his ankle. Other than that he seems to be Evan.
  13. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    You took half my zip ties!