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  1. Road Runner

    Look what Zack Rack just picked up:
  2. Black Hawk Farms

    Looks nice out! Report in with lots of updates and pictures!
  3. TODD

    Looks too fast for me. I want something slower. ;) I am not interested in performance at all, more comfort.
  4. 2014 ZX10R non-ABS For Sale (SOLD)

    Looking like she might be sold.
  5. Dang, would have loved to have made this one. Have fun Mike! We missed you this past weekend. ;)
  6. Barry, strap a GPS on your bike so you can see how accurate your speedo is.
  7. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    I notice those delete kits have a "breather cap" which I assume lets air in and not let brake fluid out. The only problem with that is air has moisture in it and moisture is very bad in brake fluid. And, brake fluid sucks up moisture.
  8. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    Zip ties work, or you could replace the hose and reservoir with a clear piece of hose:
  9. Barry, your speedo is probably off some, and possibly a lot if you aren't running stock sprockets. I put a speedo tuner on my 650 because it was off about 10%. I was following you the whole way and I don't think we hit triple digits, but you did get away from me a few times so maybe you did.
  10. Grom Race

    Gateway doesn't want motorcycles/minibikes on their gokart track. It's already been asked. But, I think that track would be really tight for Groms. I saw Ed railing on highway 32 on his Grom and it looked like a lot of fun.
  11. Brake pads

    I have a dial indicator and a wheel balancer and can check how much your rotors are warped. If you don't feel them pulsing they're probably not warped. I used to have problems with the rotors warping on my 600s. To my surprise rotors are actually covered on the Kawi warranty and I did get one set free under warranty. Then I realized I could "coax" the warp out of them and have been doing that ever since.
  12. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    And your assistant Barry is very lovely.
  13. Grom Race

    I'm guessing the autocross is some sanctioned organization with established rules and guidelines though right? I would be surprised if they let just anyone set up cones and go run their bikes through them. But if they do I'll come watch.