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  1. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    I reserved a hotel room right away so I would at least have "something". I haven't worked out crew or any other details. I figured I would wait until I find out if I get accepted before going too far. They'll let me know in a little over a month (Jan 16th). Would be cool to get a house instead and let whoever wanted to be involved come on out.
  2. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    I've done a lot of riding between 12 and 14 thousand feet over the last 15 years and I'm personally not that worried as it hasn't really effected me nearly as much as a few of my buddies who shall remain nameless (Dozer Dave). Most of that is dirt biking which to be honest requires waaaay more energy than what this 10 minute street bike ride will require. As long as I get myself back into relatively good shape and I spend some time up there in the week prior to the run I think I'll be fine. I'll still be slow but it won't be for lack of altitude prep.
  3. 2018 Challenge

    I bet freak has one of these:
  4. 2018 Challenge

    I think I would be too distracted to get in a good workout.
  5. 2018 Challenge

    Wow, good job buddy!
  6. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    And if course the record breaker:
  7. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    Found my study video.
  8. 2018 Challenge

    Start: 230 Current: 223 Goal: 180 by May '18 I'm going to do the Atkins again, but I'm not starting until I eat up all the other stuff I have in the house. So far I quit drinking (except for social get togethers) a few weeks ago. Started on the elliptical less than two weeks ago and started cutting down food intake about the same time. I should be able to get started on the Atkins next week. I feel pretty good that I've already lost 7 pounds without officially starting my diet.
  9. Winter and Water Wetter

    Ah, I had water wetter on my mind. It looks like it's propylene glycol so it should be the same as engine ice which to me means it should be allowed wherever engine ice is allowed and not allowed wherever engine ice is not allowed. I believe AMA allowed it for a while but then later disallowed it. I am reasonably certain mcra allows both. I am also reasonably certain Pike's peak disallows both. But you shouldn't have to worry about freezing with either.
  10. Winter and Water Wetter

    Well, if your engine freezes and cracks the lifetime deal isn't very long. I've been running Engine Ice in all my bikes for several years now since we got MCRA to allow it. Pikes Peak doesn't allow it however so I'll have to put the water wetter stuff in if/when I go out there.
  11. Dave's Auto Glass

    I noticed the coverage circle doesn't make it all the way out to my place but you did come to my house and to Edwardsville I think on the same day. I was going to mention that you weren't afraid to come to Illinois but wasn't sure if I should say that.
  12. Dave's Auto Glass

  13. Dave's Auto Glass

    Done. Who was first?